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Incyte Genomics, Inc. (Nasdaq: INCY), Palo Alto, Calif., a genomic information company, now offers its flagship database, LifeSeq(r) Gold, online. LifeSeq Gold, the largest database of transcribed genes, combines Incyte's proprietary data with information from the Human Genome project to provide the world's best view of the human genome.

Offering the most comprehensive, gene-centric view of the human genome, LifeSeq Gold contains more full-length genes, 5' sequences, gene libraries and clones than any other genomic database product. LifeSeq Gold features over 120,000 genes including 60,000 genes that are not commercially available elsewhere. The 6 million gene sequences, of which 4.6 million are proprietary to Incyte, are derived from more than 1,200 different tissue libraries, and represent over 90% of the genes in the human genome.

This online program will accelerate research and drug discovery programs and provide full access to all of Incyte's public and proprietary data. The database will improve scientist' ability to achieve research milestones and provide regular updates via the internet without the standard maintenance and hardware costs

LifeSeq Gold is processed with Incyte's unsurpassed bioinformatics tools, using rigorous computational and annotation methods that result in non-redundant sets of information on gene sequences, structure and function. Incyte also continues to offer LifeSeq Gold as an installed product, tailored to the individual needs and security protocols of companies with established in-house support.

LifeSeq Gold online ensures data security and confidentiality to users. Features include Secure Socket Layers encryption, the same system that is used for online banking and credit card transactions. Subscriber login is verified using state-of-the-art authentication. Full confidentiality is provided for all queries and personal data

"We hope to accelerate biological research by offering online access to LifeSeq Gold," said Randy Scott, Ph.D., president and chief scientific officer of Incyte. "LifeSeq Gold online supports the work of scientists who otherwise might not have access to information that could lead to breakthrough discoveries in disease and medical therapies."

Incyte Genomics, Inc. is the leading provider of an integrated platform of genomic technologies designed to aid in the understanding of the molecular basis of disease. Incyte develops and markets genomic databases, genomic data management software, microarray-based gene expression services, related reagents and services. These products and services assist pharmaceutical and biotechnology researchers with all phases of drug discovery and development including gene discovery, understanding disease pathways, identifying new disease targets and the discovery and correlation of gene sequence variation to disease.

For information on LifeSeq Gold online, visit Incyte's Website at or call toll free: in the U.S., 1-877-746-2983; outside the U.S., +1 650 621-8588.


LifeSeq Gold online is an Internet site hosted by Incyte, offering the most comprehensive, gene-centric view of the human genome. Features include the following:

* Little or no technical computer support or additional hardware required.

* Comprehensive access to the LifeSeq Gold database.

* Over 60,000 genes currently not commercially available elsewhere.

* 6 million gene sequences, 4.6 million of which are proprietary to Incyte.

* Gene sequences from over 1,200 different tissue libraries, representing over 90% of the genes in the human genome.

* Gene closure program - LifeSeq Gold's directed program approaches full-length gene sequence closure for a large fraction of the human gene set. Features include sequencing of 5' complete cDNA clones.

* More than 30,000 5' complete or full-length gene sequences; thousands added each month.

* Access to Incyte's Intellectual Property Portfolio - with patent applications filed for more than 3,000 full-length genes, Incyte also already holds hundreds of patents on genes that represent new therapeutic targets and proteins.

* World-class bioinformatics - with unique quality-control processes, LifeSeq Gold features rigorous computational and annotation methods that result in non-redundant sets of information on gene sequences, structure and function.

* Access to over 200,000 sequence-verified clone reagents.

* More than 50,000 sequence-verified reagents, for wide-scale in-vitro research, arrayed on Incyte's GEM( gene expression microarrays.

* Access to Incyte's curated protein function hierarchy, electronic Northerns and tissue donor information - to help researchers understand the role of particular genes in diseases.

* Access to Gene Query and Library Comparison Query functions of LifeSeq Gold, for a wide variety of methods to identify and compare detailed gene information.

* Advanced security - Secure Socket Layers encryption protocol (used for online banking and credit card transactions) safeguards query sequences and personal information.

* Full confidentiality - for all data entered for query purposes and personal information. Incyte does not retain, distribute or sell any personal information about users or user activity.

* Hardware recommendations: 56,600k bps modem, and use Netscape 4.6 or higher. Platform availability: Windows 95/98, Windows NT, Mac OS 7.6.1 or above, UNIX workstation (SUN and SGI).

* Database revisions via the Internet every three months, for most updated version of LifeSeq Gold.

* Built-in analysis tools, both standard and advanced

* Training courses for online subscribers.

* Extensive customer support.
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