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THE SATURDAY NIGHT STORY (Tonight, ITV, 8pm) STEPHEN Mulhern narrates this celebration of the best-loved and most watched moments from Saturday night TV, including documentaries and interviews with stars of the past and present.

The first show of a two-parter looks at how dancing has evolved from being the supporting act to the main draw, with the advent of programmes like Strictly Come Dancing.

The spotlight tonight also shines on the best pranks played on the public and celebrities in hidden camera phenomenon shows like Beadle's About and Ant & Dec Undercover.

three-part adventure for crimesolving couple Tommy and Tuppence. Major Carter realises could be a leak in the department and is not sure who to trust. He sends Tommy on a top secret which he cannot even tell Tuppence about.

Checking into a Cromer guesthouse, he must unmask a Russian spy and discover what has become of a scientist working on a nuclear bomb, who has disappeared from nearby military base.

Tuppence does not take kindly being left out, and begins her investigation.

David Walliams |is on the case in Partners In Crime Carol Klein's Plant Odysseys (Monday, BBC2, 7pm) THE last episode of the series sees Carol looking at the history and development of the water lily, a plant of unlikely economic importance, spiritual significance and artistic inspiration.

She meets a leading expert in water lily breeding to find out about a plant-insect relationship that brings about a dramatic overnight colour and sex change, and learns about its unique prehistoric pollinating system.

TERROR ON EVEREST - SURVIVING THE NEPAL EARTHQUAKE (Tuesday, C4, 9pm) ON April 25 this year, a massive earthquake rocked Nepal, killing more than 9,000 people and injuring around 23,000. The event triggered an avalanche on Mount Everest that wiped out another 19 by burying them under snow and ice - both at base camp and those attempting an ascent - making it the deadliest day on the mountain since records began.

This documentary uses footage shot by witnesses to piece together the events of April 25 - one that will forever be etched in the memories of those who survived.

RETURN OF THE GIANT KILLERS: AFRICA'S LION KINGS (Wednesday, BBC2, 9pm) LIONS have been in the news lately after the death of Cecil, a big cat who had been a leading attraction at a national park in Zimbabwe until he was killed by hunters.

However, in this documentary, the lions are the hunters. They do face threats though, as the start of the rainy season sees a power struggle amongst the males and a challenge from a rival pride, while an inexperienced mum puts her cub in danger, and a lightning strike leads to fires.

WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? (Thursday, BBC1, regions vary) BRITISH-BORN actress Jane Seymour knows there is Jewish ancestry on her father's side of the family, but beyond that she knows very little, other than her own suspicions that they suffered in the Holocaust. As she researches her paternal great-aunts Jadwiga and Michaela, she soon finds out more about their experiences under Nazi occupation.

RIPPER STREET (Friday, BBC1, 9pm) DETECTIVE Inspector Drake must try to find his old friend Edmund Reid, who has disappeared following the death of Horace Buckley.

Meanwhile, H Division unites to track down the lost girl who escaped Buckley's cellar prison and is now wandering the streets.
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Date:Aug 15, 2015
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