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GREEN BAY, Wis. March 2 /PRNewswire/ -- Who says you have to go to Las Vegas to hit the big one?

Agnes Jeske, a 51-year-old homemaker from Green Bay, spent $30 for a $3,683,836 pay-off Friday night at Oneida Bingo & Casino's One-Stop Westwind Location, a convenience store, in Green Bay, WI! This is the largest slot jackpot ever won at a Native American casino.

Jeske is the nation's first primary jackpot winner in the Megabucks wide-area progressive slot system. She had walked away from the Megabucks machine after putting in $20, winning $50 and putting that back into the same slot machine. But Jeske went back to the machine and put in another $10. "I just had a feeling about that machine," Jeske said, "I went back to the same machine. I don't know why--I usually don't."

When the new millionaire was asked what she is going to do with all that money, she said, "We are going to celebrate, enjoy ourselves and just be happy! I'm just a poor person that had a miracle happen! I'm still in a dream world--I just can't believe it!"

Jeske, also an avid bingo player, said that Megabucks is by far her favorite game. About two months ago in the same One-Stop Westwinds Location, she hit Megabucks, but had played only one coin. "Ever since then," she said, "I've played the maximum bet." The maximum bet on Megabucks is three coins per play.

Jeske said she likes to play the machines "for the fun of it," and just tries to break even. "It's a hobby for me. I'll keep playing even though I've won the big one," she said.

Agnes Jeske and her husband Victor were at the One-Stop together, both playing Megabucks machines. Victor, who suffers from some health problems, works part-time at a local recycling center, but says he's now considering taking early retirement.

When Victor called Agnes' daughter, Debra Schuls, to tell her about the $3.6-million win, Debra thought her step-father had gotten the numbers mixed up. Schuls recalled that when she arrived at the One- Stop, "Someone came out and yelled, 'Hey, somebody in there just hit three-million dollars,' I said 'Oh my gosh, that was my mom!'"

Agnes and her family began celebrating Saturday with a shopping spree. Her daughter said, "I've never seen my mom look so beautiful. She went out and bought new outfits for the news interviews and check presentation. Dad got a new outfit, too."

Agnes received her first check, totaling $184,670.44, Saturday afternoon in a special check-presentation ceremony at Oneida Bingo & Casino. She'll receive a check for $184,166 once each year for the next 19 years.

Oneida Bingo & Casino's One-Stop Westwind Location is one of 41 tribal casinos linked nationwide by the Megabucks and Quartermania wide- area progressive slot systems. Currently, other linked tribal casinos participating in the Megabucks and Quartermania slot systems are located in Connecticut, Iowa, Louisiana, Michigan, New Mexico, North Dakota, South Dakota as well as ten other tribal casinos in Wisconsin.

The top Megabucks jackpot starts at $1 million; the top Quartermania jackpot starts at $200,000. Each time a player feeds a coin into a linked slot machine, the jackpot grows. Slot players in the linked tribal casinos around the country can play for the progressive jackpot at the same time.

Megabucks and Quartermania were developed and are administered by IGT, a wholly owned subsidiary of International Game Technology, the world leader in the manufacture of gaming machines and proprietary software for wide-area gaming systems. Sodak Gaming, Inc. of Rapid City, SD, is the sole distributor of IGT slot machines and progressive systems on tribal land. In addition to Megabucks and Quartermania, Sodak also distributes Nickelmania; together these progressive systems total more than 800 slot machines in tribal casinos throughout the country. All IGT primary progressive jackpots are paid in annual installments.
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