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ONE of our freelance.

Byline: Laura Davis

ONE of our freelance reviewers has had an internet shopping disaster. He''s ordered from and has accidentally bought exactly one of everything - one apple, one banana and so on - he posts mournfully on Twitter.

His greatest disappointment is the packet of chocolate digestives, which he''s accidentally chosen in miniature.

I can empathise.

My one and only attempt at supermarket online shopping resulted in a lorry delivering tins of fruit and vegetables - carrots, potatoes, peaches - instead of fresh.

However, I am tempted to give it another go after a recent trip to Waitrose.

I only popped in for a loaf of bread after a dental appointment and ended up lugging three packed carrier bags of garlic-stuffed olives, julianne vegetables, smoked duck, florentines and other delicacies in an attempt to break the World Record for the most rapidly induced attack of gout.

What Julia Roberts Temptation could be averted by shopping online, where I can''t be drawn in by the classy minimalist packaging or apparently unlimited choice of pre-prepared veg. chatted up But even a toss up between ready to steam tender stem broccoli and hand sliced runner beans is simple compared to the decision being debated in the office last week.

Three female colleagues were celebrating their birthdays so someone had the great idea of hiring a bar with a big screen and celebrating with a film night. So far so simple, until it came to choosing the DVD.

These women tend to agree on everything.

Recent subjects receiving unanimous agreement include... the need for saturated fat contents to be printed on restaurant menus (verdict: necessary but you'd only ever order a bowl of green salad), whether Twilight is appropriate reading material for a woman in her 40s (it is) and the appropriateness of cummerbunds (verdict: inappropriate formal wear under any circumstances - they were particularly unwavering on this).

Choosing a film, however, made the UN Leaders Summit look like a meeting of the Women's Institute.

First suggestion: Pretty Woman.

Cue a big frown from one member of the trio: "I'm not fond of rom-coms."

Second suggestion: "Breakfast at Tiffany's" Reaction from Trio Member #2: "Nothing in black and white."

Third suggestion: "What about something with Tom Hanks in, I love Tom Hanks."

Reaction from Trio Member #3: "I hate Tom Hanks but I do like Sleepless in Seattle."

Trio Member #2: "Oh no, that's the one I hate."

In desperation we threw out wide ranging suggestions as the birthday girls rolled up their sleeves ready to beat back each one: Butch Cassidy (too old), Singin' in the Rain (too musical), In Pursuit of Happiness (too world weary), Cars (too cheery).

if your The fight paused for a few minutes while we broke out the orange slices and discussed whether Julia Roberts should have ended up with Dermot Mulroney in My Best Friend's Wedding.

"Of course she should have, they were soulmates."

"But he was marrying someone else.

"They were soul mates and he wasn't married yet."

"So if Julia Roberts had jetted into South Liverpool to try and change your husband's mind the night before your wedding.

. . ?" The bell rang and it was back to the debate.

In the end they settled on, yep you guessed it, the very first suggestion, and we settled in for an evening of watching Richard Gere chat up a prostitute.

Only we couldn't hear what he was saying because his words were drowned out by a jazz band started playing in the room next door.

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Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
Date:Aug 2, 2010
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