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ONE MAN RUINS GREAT SHOW; Almost impossible for Liverpool as Suarez bites the hand that feeds.

Byline: Dale Tempest

IT'S been great to see the World Cup blossom with more goals than we have ever previously enjoyed, fantastic skills and great matches.

And I have thoroughly enjoyed watching some new players come to the fore - people we haven't seen before - like Enner Valencia of Pachuca and Ecuador.

Neymar is showing real confidence for the host nation, Karim Benzema has shone and with the likes of Arjen Robben and Lionel Messi on top of their form, we are seeing some of the best players in the world perform properly on the biggest stage.

Then you have Luis Suarez and a biting incident which is quite frightening. He's been banned from football for four months and he would seem to have psychological problems.

No person in their right mind, knowing there is a camera covering every inch of grass from every angle in the stadium, and knowing the world is watching, would bite someone on the pitch - and for the third time in their career.

For someone to do that, you can only think they are mentally not normal.

Liverpool have helped him psychologically, with counselling and everything they could do after his last ban for biting Chelsea's Branislav Ivanovic, and the fact this has come so quickly on the back of that is sad and concerning.

It's interesting that the Uruguayan FA have been circling the wagons and claiming a conspiracy among the media, but people could see the evidence and - bearing in mind if someone did something similar in a pub, in the street or even at home they would probably end up in jail - this is not something which could be brushed under the carpet.

He has certainly made life very difficult for Liverpool.

It will be difficult for them to keep him and it will be difficult for them to sell him as well - so they are in an almost impossible situation.

Without Suarez, I reckon Liverpool are very, very unlikely to finish in the top four of the Premier League. With him, they are pretty much certain to.

Barcelona would seem favourites to sign him should he move on, although he can't of course play until the end of October.

After a bad last season, Barca are looking to invest heavily in some top talent.

Finally, I must mention England. It's a great shame we are home already but I have to say the mistakes which have been made are nothing to do with formations, tactics, preparation or anything like that. They are to do with players who simply don't pass the ball well enough, control the ball well enough and who, nine times out of 10, make the wrong choices.

That's the biggest criticism which should be levelled at the England players - they make the wrong choices too often.

From the final game against Costa Rica, the one thing I was delighted to see was Ben Foster have such a good game, because Joe Hart has been very poor in goal in this World Cup.

Hart has been like a cat on a hot tin roof - not calm and balanced at all - and he can't have given the back four any confidence whatsoever.

Foster looked the much better keeper and I hope that is recognised when it comes to the Euro qualifiers later this year.

Daniel Sturridge looked excellent at times, but he missed his big opportunity to cement his positions as England's No1 striker by squandering chance after chance against Costa Rica.

Raheem Sterling had an excellent first game before a poor second, but my pet hate in all football is substitutes who go on and stroll around - and that's what he did in the final match.

I was screaming at him and the TV because I just can't understand someone going on for 15 or 20 minutes when they are fresh and not just run themselves into the ground for the team.

I still think he is a major talent for England fans to enjoy watching in years to come, as is Adam Lallana, but I still think Frank Lampard and Steven Gerrard use the ball better than any of the younger players in midfield and they are still our best link-up men.

We haven't got anyone else who really fits into that notch, so it's a shame they may well be hanging up their international boots.


Uruguay's Luis Suarez looks out from his hotel in Natal, Brazil, after being banned by FIFA for |four months for biting (AP Photo/Hassan Ammar)
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Publication:Huddersfield Daily Examiner (Huddersfield, England)
Date:Jun 27, 2014
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