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ONE Forecasts Revolution in Corporate Web Site Development.

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ONE Community, Inc., a national demand chain consultancy, forecasts a change in the purpose and utility of corporate Internet sites. The firm believes organizations will begin to organize their sites more narrowly - with less emphasis on filling up every inch of real estate and more emphasis on providing specific, thematic, purposeful information and content.

As part of this strategy, ONE recently appointed Ben Wechsler to the position of Cybrarian. In this role, Wechsler is responsible for the ongoing development, presentation, organization, maintenance, capture, management, and sharing of corporate knowledge across all corporate web-based media.

"The value of a corporate Internet site will be measured by the ease with which all stakeholders, customers, and partners can navigate the site, exercise its features, and get value," said Wechsler.

To demonstrate, ONE recently launched a complete revision of its corporate site The new site articulates the firm's go-to-market message and provides a thorough catalog of its practices, services, and capabilities.

"The user interface was designed with intentional simplicity - to cut through the clutter and guide the user to information he or she is looking for, quickly - in less than 2-3 clicks and without excessive scrolling," said Shannon Pullen, Marketing Manager of ONE.

Jennifer Bryden, Marketing Manager of Brand Services, Inc. said, "ONE is a pacesetter in the information technology world, and their website exemplifies this ranking. The web site is designed with the customer in mind - easily navigable, well written, and creatively designed."

Wechsler is also charged with developing the underlying infrastructure to ensure that ONE's web site becomes a true Cyber Library, with individual users checking-in / checking-out virtual books, papers and other intellectual property.

About ONE

ONE Community, Inc. is a national consulting firm exclusively focused on our customers' Demand Chain. We create business value for our customers by assisting them in the realization of their operational strategy. We rationalize, design, and align supporting business processes. And we excel at performing the complex integration of people, processes, and new enabling technologies typically required to change the DNA of a company.

ONE's portfolio includes five practices that support the demand chain: Operational Strategy, CRM, eBusiness, Business Intelligence, and Architecture Design. ONE's clients include Baxter Healthcare Corporation, BP, H-E-B, ABN AMRO, Pfizer, and Verizon Wireless. Headquartered in Hoffman Estates, Ill., ONE has eight offices across the United States. ONE can be reached at, or at 847-252-7500.
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Sep 19, 2001
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