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ONA members running for ONA elected positions.

President-Elect (3-year term serving as President-Elect for 1-year and 2-years as President)

Chris Weigel, RN, BSN MBA, CNO

Current Position: Chief Nursing Officer, Mercy Health Center, Oklahoma City

Chris had this statement to say about nursing and the issues facing ONA: "Nurses are the only discipline at the bedside 24/7 and are held as the most trusted profession by the community. As leaders in clinical care, they require the knowledge, competencies and tools to survive in this transitional world of healthcare. As a result, ONA has the responsibility to support nursing advocacy through legislation and education which defends nursing efficacy and rights, promotes empowerment and autonomy in practice and embraces diversity."

Marsha Green, RN, BS, MS

Current Position: Community Nurse at First Presbyterian Church, McAlester, OK; Adjunct Faculty for Oklahoma Wesleyan University, Bartlesville, OK

Marsha had this to say about nursing and the issues facing ONA: "Health Care Reform is a major issue facing our nation. Nurses need to be aware of legislation and actively participate in policy making. I support ONA's position that regulatory decisions relating to health insurance should be made at the state level and not by the federal government. Recruiting younger nurses to the profession is imperative to balance the current aging nursing workforce. The image of nursing has experienced many changes through the years. Nurses must value their worth and present a positive, professional image to the public. It concerns me when veteran nurses do not recommend their profession to their children, friends or community. How can we recruit younger nurses if we don't believe in ourselves?

Change can be especially difficult when it presents challenges to one's values and beliefs. George Barnard Shaw stated, 'progress is impossible without change; and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.' It is imperative that health care providers embrace change with a positive, opportunistic attitude. 'Blessed are the flexible, for they shall change the earth!'"

Vice President(2-year term)

Kay Lee Allen, BS, RN

Current Position: Special Projects Coordinator, Magnet Coordinator, Mercy Health Center, OKC

Kay Lee had this to say about nursing and the issues facing ONA: "Nursing is a profession that has evolved over the years from one of 'following orders' to inquiring of how interventions affect patient outcomes and what we as nurses can do to improve those outcomes. With the constant change in healthcare, nurses are at the caring point of that change which brings more autonomy, empowerment and accountability. This is an exciting time as we use our professional knowledge, judgment and skill to interpret and apply professional standards in practice."

Kimberly Moner Anderson, RN, MSN

Current Position: Director of Medicine Specialties, Oklahoma University Medical Center

Kimberly had this to say about nursing and the issues facing ONA: "Nursing is full of diversity within our own network and the population that we service. With that, we must be highly motivated and energized utilizing our skills to address people with many varying degrees of illnesses. In our day to day work we are faced with many challenges that require a diverse set of skills to handle these concerns. When addressing those concerns we must remain noble in our mission, to continue to have compassion and make great strides to make a difference. One issue that ONA faces today is the decreasing number of nursing faculty positions. The average age of retirement for a nurse is 55 years of age. There aren't attractive incentives to make a younger person want to go into the teaching profession. The salaries are not economically feasible based on today's economy and there is much competition for clinical sites to educate students. Nursing as a profession needs to speak with one strong voice at the Local, State and National level. It needs to form a strong political movement that can effectively lobby Washington D.C. The State Nursing Organization will have to campaign to increase its membership hence its funding. The compensation of nursing educators at all levels will have to be restructured to make it attractive to young educators."

Practice Director (2-year term)

Teri Round, RN, BSN

Current Position: Director of Nursing, Mercy Health Center, Oklahoma City

Teri had this to say about nursing and the issues facing ONA: "My passion for nursing currently centers on retention of our most valuable resource, the nurse. Through preceptorhisp and mentorship, I work on these issues personally and have watched ONA face the issue head on. Making sure employers have the things needed for the nurses to function optimally; such as good staffing ratios, equipment and help from computerization are continual challenges. Increasing our recruitment of new individuals to our profession and gaining consensus on nursing entry levels and other challenges are yet to be resolved."

Ella Abela, RN, BSN

Current Position: Associate Director of Nursing, Platt College-Moore

Ella had this to say about nursing and the issues facing ONA: "I have been in the medical field since 1980 and have seen many faces of nursing. I believe nursing is a profession that has its own language, knowledge base and passion. I believe the future of nursing will rest on the effectiveness of our nurse leaders who will inspire those of us in the academic setting. To address the issues of the future we must be forward thinkers, constantly looking for the best solution through collaboration and networking."

Melissa Craft, RN, BSN, MS

Current Position: Oncology CNS/Nurse Scientist Breast Imaging of Oklahoma, Edmond OK

Angie Kamermayer, MS, RNC, CNS

Current Position: Administrative Director of Patient Care Services, Integris Southwest Medical Center, Oklahoma City

Angie had this to say about nursing and the issues facing ONA: "Workforce challenges affect patient care delivery in ways that bring innovation and change. Yet we are not always prepared to anticipate the magnitude and impact on nursing practice. In these times, we are often pressed to deliver best practice for quality outcomes within our practice settings. As Practice Director, I would be resourceful in promoting high standards to preserve and promote the professional practice of nursing. In addition, I would support workplace advocacy for safe patient care and nurse safety. Given the opportunity, it would be an honor to serve in this capacity of nursing leadership."

Karen Taylor, MSN, ARNP, BC

Current Position: ARNP-BC, Behavioral Health Department, Choctaw Nation, Talihina

Karen had this to say about nursing and the issues facing ONA: "The nursing profession is a vital force in the quality of healthcare. As such, it is imperative that we keep the nursing profession strong and ensure a good supply of well-trained nurses. One issue that is apparent is the ability to replenish the supply of nurses. In part, some of this may be due to the limited funding that is available to nursing programs, instructor salaries, limited clinical sites and dated training facilities. Regardless, advocating for resources to meet these standards would benefit nurses, the nursing profession and the society we serve."

Political Activities Director (2-year term)

Barbara Smith, RN, MPH, M.Ed

Current Position: Nurse Manager, School Health Consultant Oklahoma State Department of Health Maternal and Child Health Service, Oklahoma City

Barbara had this to say about nursing and the issues facing ONA: "I have chaired the ONA GAC committee for several years and am very interested in political issues facing the field of nursing and patient's rights. The work of the ONA-PAC supports candidates and legislation that promotes all levels of nursing practice, advocates for patient rights, advocates for nursing higher education, provides leadership and direction that increases the recognition of the powerful voice of nurses statewide. The PAC Director works closely with GAC, ONA Board of Directors, ONA Executive Director and legislative lobbyist to help the organization speak with one voice on nursing policy."

Nominating Committee--Three to Be Elected

Barbara Patterson, RN MS EdD

Current Position: Associate Dean, School of Nursing, Southwestern Oklahoma State University, Weatherford

Barbara had this to say about nursing and the issues facing ONA: "One legislative issued supported by ONA this year was the need for school nurses. I believe Oklahoma lacks in this area and should strongly support this issue. Our children are our future. Alarming increases of children who are overweight and obese, with concomitant health problems, should take a top priority in our state. I believe school nurses have a positive effect on children's health through education, as an advocate, and using the nursing process to work with children and their caregivers to keep them as healthy as possible. Sometimes school nurses are the only healthcare providers some of these children see."

Melissa Cottrell, MS, RN, APRN, BC

Current Position: Clinical Nurse Specialist, APRN, Laureate Psychiatric Clinic and Hospital, Tulsa

Deborah Wipf, RN

Current Position: Legal Nurse Consultant-Frasier, Frasier and Hickman, Tulsa

Deborah had this to say about nursing and the issues facing ONA: "Serving on the Nominating Committee is my way of giving back to my professional organization; it is utilizing knowledge and expertise to promote what professionalism is all about and recruit the best and brightest to pursue ONA's goals and improve the healthcare of Oklahoman's."

Cynthia Foust, RN, MS, PhD

Current Position: Associate Provost for Academic & Student Affairs, Southwestern Oklahoma State University, Weatherford

Cynthia had this to say about nursing and the issues facing ONA: "ONA is a vital professional association that represents our community of registered nurses. I support the identified core values of ethical practice and professional integrity, cultural diversity, health parity, professional competence, parity for access to health services and quality and safe patient care to Oklahoma citizens and residents. These values are tested daily in our practice as we maintain and improve human dignity and deliver ethical competent care. We must continue to be accountable to our patients and employers and communicate clearly with them. We must continue to develop our skills to deliver competent safe nursing care."

Ann Anthony, RN, MS

Current Position: Associate Dean, Nursing, Tulsa Community College

Ann had this to say about nursing and the issues facing ONA: "We must address the shortage of nurses and nurse education, diversity in our workforce and safe and effective work environments for our nurses. If we do not implement strategies to recruit and retain more nurses, bring individuals from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds and establish work environments that allow nurses to do nursing-we will cease to be valued by the public and other health professional colleagues. As the voice of Oklahoma nurses, ONA influences legislative and health policy, inspires others by promoting a positive image for nursing and can be the stimulus for change in the workplace. I would be honored to serve."

ANA Delegates

(Six to be elected including the ONA President and ONA President-Elect)

Karen Tomajan, RNC, MS, CRRN, Nursing Quality Manager, INTEGRIS Baptist Medical Center

Chris Weigel, RN, BSN MBA, CNO, Chief Nursing Officer, Mercy Health Center, Oklahoma City Marsha Green, RN, BS, MS--Faith Community Nurse, First Presbyterian Church, McAlester, OK and Adjunct Faculty for Oklahoma Wesleyan University, Bartlesville, OK

Kay Farrell, RN, MS, CM, Active volunteer, Red Cross, Adjunct Instructor, OU College of Nursing

Lisa Watkins, RN, BSN-Nursing Academic Division Administrator, Tulsa Community College

Robin Potter-Kimball, RN, CNS, APRN-Self employed, out-patient counseling therapy, Med Management, Oklahoma City

Lana Bolhouse, RN, MS-Dean, School of Nursing, Oklahoma Baptist University, Shawnee, OK

Shiela Derrevere, RN, BSN-RN Case Manager, St. Francis Hospice, Tulsa, OK

Melissa Cottrell, MS, RN, APRN, BC-Clinical Nurse Specialist, APRN, Laureate Psychiatric Clinic and Hospital, Tulsa

Cindy Harmon, RN, BSN, CCRN-Staff Nurse, Adult ICU

Pam Di Vito-Thomas, RNC, MS, CRRN-Assistant Professor of Nursing, Langston University, Tulsa, OK

Francene Weatherby, PhD, RNC-Professor, University of Oklahoma College of Nursing, Oklahoma City

Leslie Guthrie, BSN, MS, RN-Tulsa Community College, Division of Nursing, Tulsa, OK
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