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@PhilBeardmore: Thank you to the cyclist whose sensible 10mph pace succeeded in slowing down the #35bus I was running for.

@bounder: I'm looking forward to The Queen's Speech - hope she gets over that debilitating condition. Y'know, having the words written by Tories.

@Ross_Lawson: There's nothing like more austerity being announced by a woman wearing the world's most expensive hat.

@bhx_official: There seems to be a 'day' for everything these days. How about 'Birmingham Airport Day'? Think it would catch on? @DanOffTheRadio: Lovely old couple on the canal singing along, opera-style, to the tune of the @Brindleyplace bells. Seemed to be having a lovely time!

@rebekahhah: I've just been pensioned. Feeling awfully grown up now.

@sambannister: Would it be cruel to send Clinton Cards a 'Sorry you're going into administration' card from Moonpig? @mrdavidwhitley: Poor Clinton Cards. Clearly not enough utterly contrived days in the year where people feel emotionally blackmailed into sending cards.

@rustyrockets (aka Russell Brand): If I ever find myself in North Carolina I shall marry a man just to feel safe.
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Publication:Birmingham Mail (England)
Date:May 10, 2012
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