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On various matters @Emlit: Off to buy some guinea pigs...

@BrumPolice: Driving into Birmingham to check out the Christmas sales? Please park in a secure carpark and remove valuables from view.

@Gurdo: Excited that David Villa is on Twitter (@Guaje7Villa) - just need to learn Spanish now so I can understand his tweets!

@Brixtonite: Why the obsession with teachers' appearance? Best art teacher I ever knew looked like Keith Richards on a bad day. Why put him in a suit? @JaneHeggie: When will Nick Clegg realise that we're NOT all in this together.The working/ middle class are bearing the brunt of cuts rather than the rich @EHMcLoughlin: If only leisure centres didn't open so early, I wouldn't have to go swimming at ridiculous-o'clock.

@DioDesign: I swear Facebook is one step from 'Hey, you looked at Jenny's profile. She's single. You're free. Hook up on Friday!' @Wise_Kaplan: Already bored with my new robot dog.

@SarahLay: Why must retail rush me through my life? December 28 and Easter eggs on shelves at local Tesco Express.

@Tamworthcouncil: The borough council offices are open as usual for the rest of the week.

@cazashton: In need of a big brunch and a good strong coffee.

@_andywalker_: You know it's a lonely day at work when every e-mail you send is met by a wave of 'out of office' auto replies.

@BrumLordMayor: Good morning Birmingham! Spending the day catching up with LM and Ward work.

@thinksojoe: The chimp from the old Tarzan movies died at age 80. RIPCheetah.

@JayneHowarth: I can always tell when I'm unhappy with how I look by the amount of time I spend looking at accessories, not clothes, in the sales.

@mccomb: The moment I wake up before I put on my make-up.

@ChrisDJMoyles: Off to get an x-ray on my foot and find out that it's just a tiny sprain and not actually an avulsion fracture as I previously thought..!

@SteveJHarris: Taxpayers' money pays for EastEnders. #BBC there's a cut that should be made.

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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:Birmingham Mail (England)
Date:Dec 29, 2011
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