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EVENTS 1950: The British intelligence service is searching for the missing atomic scientist Bruno Pontecorvo who disappeared seven weeks ago.

1968: An estimated 6,000 marchers demonstrating against the Vietnam War face up to police outside the US Embassy in London.

1977: Jeremy Thorpe, above, tells journalists he was not involved in a plot to kill former male model Norman Scott.

1982: Three RUC officers investigating a robbery in Ulster die after a bomb explodes beneath their armoured police car.

BORN John Cleese, UK |comedian, 1939, above Theodore Roosevelt, |US president, 1858, Captain James Cook, |explorer, 1728 DIED Lou Reed, US pop |musician, 2013 David Shepherd, |cricket umpire, 2009 Charles Hawtrey, |comic actor, 1988, above

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Publication:Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)
Geographic Code:4EUUK
Date:Oct 27, 2014
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