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ED BAILEY .DIRECTOR.: Yes. I have always considered UK to set the standard in such matters. We lead, others follow. If we make our own excuses not to, others will follow suit. It's easy to say "no" & less easy to say "yes if " and, I say "yes if " the overseas aid is guaranteed to reach the people that need it most.

HELEN BAILEY .DIRECTOR.: As a mother I find it very difficult to witness anyone in pain or suffering and as a result I frequently donate to charity. I do feel that the UK should still support overseas aid projects such as countries suffering famine and disease, as long as overseas aid arrives with the people that need it most.

GWION LLWYD .PARTNER.: Yes. I read about the difficulties and controversies on how foreign aid is distributed but I'm still proud of the fact that the UK leads the way on this.

JODIE PRITCHARD .EMPLOYEE.: Definitely - we are a very wealthy country. We do have poverty in the UK and there is lots of work to be done to address this, but we are still a lot more advantaged than many people in the world.

AMY BOWERS.CONSULTANT.: Yes, both are important, it should not be case of one or the other.

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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:Daily Post (Conwy, Wales)
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Date:May 24, 2017
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