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Byline: The Register-Guard

(Dave Wilcox, 62, was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2000. When not playing on the charity golf circuit, he tends to his farm near Junction City.)

Question: How did a farm boy from Vale come to take up golf?

Answer: I think the first time I played golf was when I came to the UO in 1962. My older brother and Coach (Joe) Schaffeld took me up to Laurelwood Golf Course. It was fun, and you got to be outside ...

Question: So when did you first get serious about golf?

Answer: I don't know that I'm ever serious about it ...

Question: How often do you golf, and where do you usually play?

Answer: Actually, in a year's time, I play 20 to 25 scrambles all around the country. ... I've probably played my own ball only a couple times this year.

Question: Which charity events are your favorites to play?

Answer: Bobby Mitchell has a tournament that raises money for the Lymphoma Society that's really a heck of an event - they raise about a half a million dollars a year. Darrell Imhoff and Gail Cogdill started a thing for the children's hospital that involves a lot of old NFL and NBA guys. Harmon Killebrew has one in Phoenix for the Hospice. ... Those are really nice events that do some wonderful things for people.

Question: What is the most money anyone has ever bid to play with Dave Wilcox?

Answer: Actually, we were just over at Broken Top for the "Legends of Oregon" fund-raiser and I think I was like $6,000. I guess maybe my stock's going up.

Question: Who do you think is the best golfer in the Football Hall of Fame?

Answer: A couple guys come to mind. One's a defensive back named Paul Krause, the all-time interception leader - we were rookies together. He's a scratch handicap. Another guy is Jan Stenerud, who was the kicker for the Chiefs.

Question: You didn't mention any quarterbacks?

Answer: Oh, the quarterbacks play in different events. They never invite the real (football) players to their events, although (Joe) Montana has a tournament in Tahoe for the Boys Club that I'll play in September.

Question: Your sons followed you into football. Do they both play golf and, if so, who usually wins when you play together?

Answer: Well, I can probably beat Josh ... he's probably not the real smooth golfer. Justin, he actually can hit the ball pretty good sometimes ... but I actually can probably beat both of them if I was serious and tried.

Question: Do you hit a golf ball as hard as you hit opposing running backs?

Answer: No, but you swing as hard as you can. ... I've got what they call a "scramble swing." That means you can swing as hard as you want because if you can't find your ball, your partner can save you.

- Mike Stahlberg
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Title Annotation:Recreation; Dave Wilcox, former U of O and San Francisco 49er linebacker
Publication:The Register-Guard (Eugene, OR)
Date:Jul 14, 2005
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