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OMG pushes computing integration with CORBA.

Executives from BEA Systems, IBM and Oracle were among Object Management Group (OMG) members and customers announcing the new CORBA 3.0 initiatives at a Sept. meeting in San Francisco.

OMG members, whose goal is to set the standards for distributed computing, feel CORBA 3.0 will achieve a new level of capabilities for both experienced distributed computing programmers and less technical business analysts.

This version will simplify the use of CORBA ORBs for developing distributed object applications and should facilitate CORBA's adoption into the enterprise, OMG says.

The CORBA Component Model is a feature specifying the framework for "plug-and-play" and facilitates integration with JAVA.
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Title Annotation:Technology Information; Object Management Group debut CORBA 3.0 standards
Publication:Health Management Technology
Article Type:Brief Article
Date:Nov 1, 1998
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