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OMC hits market with assemblies.

A RANGE of multipoint temperature assemblies is now available from Okazaki Manufacturing Company (OMC), which is suitable for all types of process applications, including crude oil storage tanks, hydrocarbon cracking units, chemical reactors and desulphurisation catalyst bed reactors.

Most catalyst bed reactors operate at very high pressures and temperatures, making the vapour generated potentially very dangerous. The design of the reactor and multipoint temperature assemblies are therefore critical to safe plant operation.

The reactors are between 3m and 6m in diameter, and are between 10m and 40m high. For optimal process operation, the temperature needs to be controlled and monitored accurately and fast, as well as three-dimensionally at multiple pre-set levels within the reactor catalyst filling. It is therefore preferable to have a minimum number of entry nozzles, or to utilise existing nozzles when upgrading.

For chemical reactors and desulphurisation catalyst bed reactors, OMC's AerOradial range of multipoint temperature assemblies is ideal. This assembly offers the maximum number of temperature measurement points through a single process connection or entry nozzle.

OMC utilises its own AerOpak mineral insulated cables, providing single tip measurement or multiple sensing points within a single stem. This enables full, three-dimensional temperature profiling, which ensures safe control of the process with a fast thermal response.

Assemblies can be positioned through the side, top or bottom of the reactor vessel, with adjustable spacers for catalyst tubes or with an optional mounting system for fitting to the ractor. To ensure the pressure seal is maintained on the assembly, OMC uses a special welding technique known as 'orbital seal welding'. Here, the sensors are welded into custom-designed pressure containment chambers.

These chambers can be fitted with pressure gauges or transmitters, which indicate any safety problems such as a primary seal failure.

Chris Chant, business development manager at OMC comments: "Our range of multipoint temperature assemblies is comprehensive and manufactured in our Japanese plants. Most of the units we supply are in stainless steel, but we also offer assemblies in exotic materials such as Alloy 600, 625, 825 or Hastelloy X.

Some of our designs are fitted with smaller diameter sensors or a thin-walled guide tube and machined tips, to enable the sensor to be replaced while the process is still running, minimising production downtime for the customer. We even offer full site supervision of the installation if the customer requires this."

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Publication:Oil & Gas News
Date:Mar 28, 2010
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