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OMAN - Logistics.

Unlike its Gulf neighbours, Oman has no tankers or overseas oil storage facilities to back its market shares. Oman's main crude oil terminal is Mina Al Fahal, where its oil refinery is located.

Operated by PDO, the terminal has three SBMs for tankers of up to 550,000 dwt, plus nine crude oil storage tanks. One of the berths is used by Shell Markets Middle East for the import and export of oil products.

Another terminal at Mina Raysut has an oil pier with one dolphin berth. This can handle tankers of up to 45,000 dwt.

A deep sea LNG terminal has been built at Qalhat, near Sur. This serves Oman LNG's two-train plant. With the first LNG shipment to South Korea having left Qalhat in April 2000, the terminal is fitted with loading equipment capable of handling 130,000 CM LNG tankers.

Pipelines: Crude oil reaches Mina Al Fahal by two main pipelines, one to the north and one from the southern and central fields. They are the arteries for the oil industry in the sultanate.

The northern pipeline, called Main Oil Line (MOL), runs 250 km from Lekhwair and passes through Fahud. The MOL has a capacity of 925,000 b/d, built up gradually as oil production increased in recent years. It went on stream in 1967 with a capacity of 450,000 b/d. This was expanded to 650,000 b/d by end-1985 and to 770,000 b/d by end-1989.

The South Oman Oil Line (SOOL) begins from Marmul and runs 445 km north through Qarn Alam to a point east of Fahud, where it links up with the MOL. The SOOL went on stream in 1980 with a capacity of 70,000 b/d. SOOL's looping with the MOL was completed in early 1987. Its capacity was expanded after an increase in output from the southern fields. Old sections of the two pipelines have been replaced by new ones.

Pipelines to gather associated and free gases run along the MOL and SOOL. There are spur lines to carry treated gas to power plants and industries. The main pipeline is the Government Gas System, which is linked to the southern fields and runs as far as Sohar in the north-east of Oman.

Two new gas pipelines are being built for the Oman Gas Company (OGC), one from the central gas fields to the Sohar industrial zone, and a longer line from Saih Nihayda field to the southern port city of Salalah (see DT No. 5).
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Date:Feb 11, 2002
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