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OLLY is making shopping less stressful.

SAN FRANCISCO -- OLLY is changing the way consumers shop for nutrition. The company offers a full line of expertly blended gummy vitamins and supplements, as well as plant protein powders and protein bars in simple, colorful packaging that makes the benefits easy to understand and the shopping experience stress free.

OLLY was cofounded in 2014 by Eric Ryan, who previously cofounded Method Home Products, a supplier of affordable nontoxic and environmentally friendly household cleaning products, hand and body soaps, and air fresheners that the company differentiated through innovative design.

During this time, Ryan saw supplements as another category filled with uninspiring branding and packaging, and he brought his idea to Target Corp., which launched OLLY in all its stores in April 2015. Since the launch, it has grown considerably, and it can now be found in a range of national retailers spanning multiple channels, including club, mass, grocery, drug, specialty and online.

The company's mission is to make it easy and fun for people to get good nutrition into their lives. OLLY has created a line of products designed to provide specific benefits that meet such real daily needs as healthy skin, increased energy and a good night's sleep. And the company notes that it has made them taste delicious, using the only best ingredients.

OLLY vice president of sales Tom Mondragon says the company seeks to disrupt the vitamins and nutrition aisle with delicious products that are as delightful as they are healthy.

"We built our company around the belief that the foundation of happiness is good health, and when you're truly happy you're at your best. We've made it our personal mission to help make it easier than ever for you to make healthy choices, with nutrition made delightfully easy."

He adds that the company offers an entire line of delicious, benefit-driven gummy supplements tailored to just about any unique need one might have, along with a range of daily multivitamins that make taking vitamins anything but a chore.

The company's mission to delight with healthy nutrition didn't stop in the vitamins aisle. It brought innovation to protein with a line of plant-based protein powders that are unexpectedly tasty.

The company's latest innovation expands its presence in the sleep category, notes vice president of brands Jessica Heitz. "At OLLY we believe a good night's sleep is a key component of overall health and wellness," she says. "We're excited to expand our sleep portfolio to address the growing needs of our consumer base--specifically, we recently launched Extra Strength Sleep and Kids Sleep."

She points out that Extra Strength Sleep is the same OLLY Sleep formula consumers know and love with an extra boost of melatonin for the ultimate night's sleep. OLLY Kids Sleep, she adds, is designed to provide sleep support for the many children who have difficulty falling asleep. The product is formulated with low-dose melatonin, l-theanine and botanicals to provide occasional sleep support for children age 4 and older in delicious gummy flavor designed to appeal to children's palates.

OLLY is also a public benefit corporation, so doing good is in its DNA. "We may be young, but we still see the importance of doing our part to make a difference, so we're measuring ourselves against the very best," says Mondragon. "We believe health goes well beyond what you put into your body, which is why we built our company with an emphasis on promoting happiness and a life of balance.

"We want our people and partners to be handled with the greatest of care. So we dig deep when it comes to working conditions, health and overall wellness--with perks and practices that help keep us all in tip-top shape so we can continue doing the work we love."

Mondragon adds that the company cares deeply for its community and the well-being of those around it. "Whether it's a day at the local school garden or championing the cause of a fellow OLLY by matching charitable donations dollar for dollar, we're quick to roll up our sleeves," he says.

OLLY Public Benefit Corp.

1169 Gorgas Ave., Suite A San Francisco, Calif. 94129

Key contact: Tom Mondragon, Vice President of Sales


Phone: (612) 366-0318

Primary business: HEALTH CARE Nutritional products

Total Store Expo booth #1237

Caption: (left to right) OLLY's Gerry Chesser, Tom Mondragon and Eric Ryan
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