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OLD SPICE; Inside the world of sex parties for the swinging silver by Kate's mate Emma; EXCLUSIVE.

Byline: Pamela Owen

A FRIEND of the Duchess of Cambridge holds sex parties for the rich and famous - and randy oldies are welcome as well. Former public school beauty Emma Sayle began hosting upmarket orgies for well-heeled under-45s in 2005.

Now her Killing Kittens firm has launched a new branch, catering to the sexual fantasies of ageing swingers. Appropriately she calls it Silver Kittens.

Emma, 35, who met Kate in a charity rowing team called the Sisterhood, said: "People don't stop having sex when they suddenly hit 45 and there's a huge demand for events.


"My mum joked that I should start something called Saga Kittens. It seemed the obvious next step. I'd had a lot of people coming to my parties for years and suddenly they were too old to take part, so it made sense.

"There is no upper age limit.

If someone is 75 and passes the vetting process, we'd be happy to welcome them."

Emma's first Silver Kittens event took place at a London penthouse last month.

Eighty masked guests - the oldest at 62 - immaculate in black ties or cocktail dresses, sipped champagne and chatted.

But soon they began slipping away for romps in candle-lit boudoirs.

Emma, who never takes part in the orgies but who is always there as hostess, has noticed major differences between customers in the two age groups. She said: "People in their mid and late 20s can get quite nervous. You'll get a stunning catwalk model who is not confident walking around naked.

"There is nothing sexy about them. But with the older group you notice an air of confidence. They are more sophisticated.

"The average age is 55 but the oldest was probably a man around 62. He was in good shape and was sexy because he oozed confidence. The older crowd are comfortable in their skin and have disposable income." There is no maximum age limit but Emma insists that guests are in good shape. All must send a recent photo for vetting.


Diplomat's daughter Emma went to PS22,000-a-year Down House School in Berkshire and dates British Olympics hockey team star James Tindall, 30. She has enjoyed lunch dates with the future Queen Kate.

This month Emma will release her book Behind the Mask, relating tales about goings-on at her steamy parties.

In it she describes an elegant French-style sofa used at her parties. It was also a prop in the Oscar-winning film The King's Speech starring Colin Firth.

Emma said: "That couch could write its own book. You have no idea how much action it has seen."

The book will not name any of those who frolic at her orgies. But Emma said clients include actors, MPs, famous singers, models and footballers - although no royals "so far". She h 40 000 b ith t has 40,000 members, with up to 200 attending each party. Tickets cost PS120 for a couple or PS50 for a single female. She wanted the events to be woman-friendly.

She said: "Most other sex parties are run by men. I wanted to create an event for women to feel comfortable in."

Parties are at penthouses and country homes across the UK, with regular events in cities like Manchester and Edinburgh.


Emma said: "Just think of it as a cocktail party. Everyone turns up in beautiful gowns with masks. Anonymity is important and I'd never reveal names.

"Oysters and champagne are served and it's all very innocent. But all of a sudden people will start disappearing upstairs."

Emma, who is three months pregnant, has no qualms about attending orgies and shrugs off criticism of her venture, saying: "Business is business. For me it's like going to the office.

"My family and friends accept what I do. I just give people a safe environment to explore their sexual fantasies."

If someone is 75 and passes vetting rules they are welcome


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MASKED: Guests shield identities
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Publication:The People (London, England)
Date:Apr 6, 2014
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