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OFS Introduces Improved TrueWave Reach Fiber Optimized for the 21st Century Converged Networks and Integrated Service Providers.

ANAHEIM, Calif. -- The copper circuit-switched networks born of the 19th century continue to be transformed into the fiber optic-based networks of the 21st century. In this transformation, metro and long-haul applications are being converged and the fractured industry structure of separate local exchange, long distance, cable, and cellular carriers is becoming more vertically integrated. The result is that more and more integrated service providers will furnish end-to-end connectivity to their customers for a wide variety of services, both metro and long-haul. In order to handle ever-increasing traffic demands, while lowering their costs, improving their efficiencies, and maximizing their competitiveness, these integrated service providers will continue to find it necessary to improve their networks with cost-reducing fiber optic products using state-of-the-art technologies.

OFS, designer, manufacturer, and supplier of leading edge fiber optic products, today announced that it has dramatically enhanced its TrueWave(R) REACH fiber product line by introducing the Low Water Peak version of the product, TrueWave REACH LWP fiber. Today's announcement marks the first introduction of a commercial medium dispersion (G.656) raman-optimized fiber with a reduced water peak. By reducing the water peak in G.656 fiber, TrueWave REACH LWP fiber not only significantly increases the efficiency of Raman amplification by reducing the attenuation in the water peak regions in which the Raman pumping occurs, but also allows TrueWave REACH LWP to be a Full-Spectrum CWDM fiber capable of operating the full complement of CWDM channels for lower-cost metro network traffic.

"As a Full-Spectrum fiber, capable of cost-effectively handling DWDM metro traffic as well as all 16 CWDM channels, in the C-band as well as in the L-band, S-band, and now even in the water-peak E-band, TrueWave REACH LWP fiber is the only Raman-optimized ultra-long-haul fiber available to vertically integrated carriers that is also designed to effectively and efficiently handle CWDM and DWDM traffic across metro networks," said Paul Neuhart, President of OFS. "In ultra-long-haul applications, for example, we have shown how TrueWave REACH LWP fiber provides 2000km transmission of 80 channels at 40Gbps in both the C and L-bands at 100km spans thanks to factors such as its industry-leading low system PMD, Raman-optimization, dispersion and dispersion slope characteristics. In metro 'express' core applications, the low dispersion value of TrueWave REACH LWP fiber allows 10Gbps EDFA or Raman amplified transmission rates at each of multiple wavelengths over long distances without the need for dispersion compensation, and the reduced water peak allows seamless transparency between metro 'local' CWDM traffic and the metro 'core' and long-haul applications. If you own both metro and long-haul networks, and if you need to lower your costs by integrating them and modernizing them, then TrueWave REACH LWP fiber is the fiber you need. Similarly, if you are even considering Raman amplification, then the significant Raman pumping advantages from the lower attenuation thanks to the reduced water peak are tremendous. The choice is clear. The choice is TrueWave REACH LWP fiber."

Tim Murray, President of OFS' Specialty Photonics Division added, "TrueWave(R) REACH LWP fiber is optimized to achieve precise wideband dispersion over the entire C-, L-, and S-bands resulting in a low relative dispersion slope across all three bands which makes it easier to create the precise wideband compensating modules needed for high capacity transmission systems for tomorrow's long-haul networks. Coupled with OFS' RightWave(TM) Dispersion Compensating Modules, TrueWave REACH LWP fiber results in an unparalleled system performance compared with all other NZDF products. For ultra-long-haul networks, REACH-LWP can eliminate the need for complex dispersion compensating schemes greatly simplifying network design and operations, thus helping to reduce network costs."

OFS' TrueWave REACH fiber, the only new commercially available fiber for the 21st century, is already being deployed in the first new long-haul network build-out of the 21st century, having been selected by MCI as the fiber of choice for its next-generation network. "In our collaboration with OFS to develop Medium Dispersion Fiber, we were impressed by OFS' attention to detail, high degree of design flexibility, and the ability of its products to meet our stringent requirements," stated Jack Wimmer, Vice President of Network Architecture and Advanced Technology for MCI.

Just as TrueWave REACH has become the fiber of choice for new long-haul networks, as long-haul networks converge with metro networks and long distance carriers merge with local exchange carriers, TrueWave REACH LWP fiber will naturally become the Medium Dispersion Fiber of choice for this new era.

About TrueWave REACH LWP fiber

TrueWave REACH LWP fiber provides optimum performance for today's optically amplified systems, with higher capacity over longer distances and reduced attenuation in the water peak. TrueWave REACH LWP fiber currently offers broad bandwidth with optimum dispersion over the S-, C -, L-, and E-bands for optimum performance in all wavelength bands. The first of its kind in the industry, TrueWave REACH LWP fiber meets current and emerging optical system needs with the best matched non-zero dispersion compensation Co-designed with the RightWave(TM) dispersion compensating module, TrueWave REACH LWP fiber has the ability to excel with both current and emerging amplification technologies. With its reduced water peak, TrueWave REACH LWP fiber also has the ability to provide carriers seamless network transparency from the ultra-long-haul through the metro applications and to provide the entire complement of capabilities from Full-Spectrum CWDM to DWDM and from 10 to 40Gbps and beyond.

Due to the innovative fiber design, TrueWave REACH fiber has the lowest dispersion slope, best dispersion compensation over the widest bandwidth, lowest water peak attenuation, highest Raman gain efficiency and lowest system polarization mode dispersion (PMD) in the industry. This enables lighting channels on the fiber at less cost than with other NZDFs at both current and faster data rates.

By providing the most flexibility for capacity as optical networks evolve, TrueWave REACH fiber leaves an open migration path for carriers to grow into the network technologies they find most cost-effective as those technologies continue to develop.

About OFS

OFS is a designer, manufacturer, and supplier of leading edge optical fiber, optical fiber cable, optical connectivity and specialty photonics products for high-speed optical networks. OFS, formerly the Optical Fiber Solutions Division of Lucent Technologies (NYSE:LU), has a proven track record of being first in the industry with application specific fibers, optical connectors, ribbon cables, erbium doped fibers, Raman fiber lasers and more. OFS is committed to providing customers increased value by offering products that deliver lowest cost per bit network solutions, protecting investments through future flexible solutions.

OFS distributes its optical fiber, optical fiber cable, optical connectivity and specialty photonics products directly to end users, as well as through valued distributors and external cable manufacturers and equipment vendors.

Headquartered in Norcross, GA, OFS operates facilities in Avon, Connecticut; Carrollton, Georgia; Somerset, NJ; and Sturbridge, Massachusetts, as well as facilities in Denmark, Germany and Russia.

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Date:Mar 8, 2005
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