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AUSSIE Elisha Gazdowicz is the new Neighbours star who has made an immediate impact as the prime suspect in a school bombing.

And the 19-year-old sex bomb is tipped for the top - as the next Kylie Minogue.

Elisha, who has been on our screens for just more than a month, plays school vixen Jessica Fielding.

She has already earned a slap from headmistress Susan Kennedy as well as being put in the frame when a bomb went off at Erinsborough High.

And in her first British interview, she told the Daily Record that she is taking the same route to stardom as former Neighbours star Kylie.

She said: "I'm overwhelmed to be called the next Kylie. I've got a lot of respect for her and I'm a huge fan.

"I saw her at a concert in Melbourne just two weeks ago - she's amazing.

"I'd like to concentrate on my acting first but I can sing, so who knows. Hopefully, interest will pick up. I'd really like to work in Britain like she has."

On Saturday, she appeared on Live & Kicking from the BBC's Glasgow studios, with Geri Halliwell.

Elisha is such a huge star in Australia she can't walk down the street without being mobbed - and she admits it can be quite scary.

She said: "It's very flattering when the young fans get so excited about meeting you on the street. But I do get scared and I don't go out by myself.

"Nowadays, I'd never leave the house with a bed head, wearing tracksuit and jogging pants, in case photographers are around."

Her Neighbours' charachter is one viewers either love or hate - and although she's a wild child who has upset everyone in Ramsay Street, Elisha hopes she doesn't become the resident hate figure.

She said: "I was worried about the way my character comes across as I know it is seen by millions of people world-wide.

"I just want viewers to like Jessica but I can understand why they don't.

"I was the opposite of Jessica at school. I was an A student and ended up in the top 13 per cent of my state in the exams.

"I made a lot of friends and had a great time. I wasn't a swot. I did the studying and then got out into the sunshine.

"I'm definitely a beach baby. I love the water although I keep falling off the surf board."

Elisha, who is single, studied acting, music and dance before landing the part of Jessica.

Although she sang in the musical Godspell, she's quite happy to concentrate on acting for now.

Since the Aussie screenings of Neighbours are well ahead of the UK, Elisha is already looking for new acting opportunities after having left the show.

But she'll always have a soft spot for the soap.

She said: "I watched the show from when I was young. I remember Kylie from then and it was amazing to work with the actors who play Harold and Madge."

LATINO star Jennifer Lopez will play an FBI agent in her next action movie Tick Tock. The story centres on a man with amnesia who wakes up to find himself in the custody of the FBI as the prime suspect in a series of Los Angeles bombings. Without even knowing for sure if he actually is the bomber or not, he must act as a guide to Lopez in a race against time to disarm the remaining explosives scattered around the Californian city.

Mummy's record returns

THE Mummy Returns opened in America at the weekend and took pounds 46.2million - setting a new box-office record.

It swept Star Wars: Episode 1 aside to become the biggest non-holiday weekend film opening.

The film, starring Scot John Hannah, Brendan Fraser and Rachel Weisz, also became the second biggest ever opener, beaten only by The Lost World: Jurassic Park II - which opened on a holiday.

Mel B tells hole truth about her stud

SPICE GIRL Mel B has removed her famous tongue stud.

Scary Spice's exotic jewellery caused teenage fans across the country to try body piercing.

She said: "I took it out about a month ago because my hole had got too big.

"I could pull the whole piercing out and re-pierce it so I'm just letting it close up a bit.

"I'll put a smaller one in because it had a really big ball in it."

Mel, 25, is coming to Scotland on June 17 to perform at Irn Bru Live & Loud, in Glasgow. But it's doubtful if her recent trip to Morocco, to film her latest video Lullaby, prepared her for coming north.

She said: "I've been away in Morocco. Mad country!

"All the women walk round with just their eyes showing, it's a bit freaky, but it's an amazing place for culture and religion.

"You're just like, 'Whoah!' It's weird because it's got deserts and weird beaches and camels roaming about."

A NERVOUS waiter sprayed champagne all over Mariah Carey and Mira Sorvino as they celebrated landing plum movie roles in New York. His Japanese restaurant doesn't normally serve bubbly, and he boobed as he opened a bottle he'd bought from a liquor store just for the two stars. Mira and Mariah had just signed up for gangster flick Wise Girls, dubbed Goodfellas with women.

Axl's pain after hair op bungle

GUNS 'N' ROSES frontman Axl Rose has been left scarred and in pain after botched hair transplant treatment.

The singer secretly visited a specialist before the band's European tour, which includes a date at Glasgow's SECC on June 12.

But a source has revealed Axl will now need his trademark bandana to cover up the "big, scarred patches on the back of his head".
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Date:May 8, 2001
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