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OFF THE RECORD; Anne dumped lesbian lover to have kids.

FRIENDS of actress Anne Heche last night claimed she was never gay and has dumped Ellen DeGeneres because she wants kids.

One said she only pretended to be a lesbian to look cool.

Heche, 31, was this week rushed to hospital after turning up at a stranger's door dazed, partially clothed and muttering bizarre statements. Hours earlier, she had split with comedienne DeGeneres after a three-and-a-half year relationship.

Friends of the couple said they had been having problems for eight months and the final blow came when Heche left after a row on Saturday morning.

They said Ellen went ballistic when Anne suggested a trial separation. The couple had been talking about marriage.

One pal said: "This is very difficult to say, what with all the political correctness out there, but Anne never really was gay. It was more about her wanting to appear cool."

Another source added: "Annie is at an age where she really wants to settle down and start a family.

"She simply came to the realisation that the relationship she had with DeGeneres was not the type of environment she wants to raise a child in.

"Ellen has always been gay and has no hang-ups or problems with that.

"However, Anne has never fully accepted that is who she truly is. She is still attracted sexually to men and that's the way it is."

Ellen's mother Betty is staying with her daughter and friends reckon she'll bounce back.

But they are worried about Anne who one friend says is "more fragile and emotional and was deeply troubled when Ellen met her initially".

She added: "While Ellen was horrified upon hearing the news of Anne's mishap at the weekend, she's not at all surprised. Anne is walking a tightrope and lives for the drama. Without it, she can't survive.

"Ellen is lucky, in a way, to be rid of that kind of influence in her life. She needs to get her life together and move on, quickly".

Heche, star of Six Days Seven Nights, was released from the University Medical Centre in Fresno, California, on Sunday.

A spokesman said Heche received some treatment but would give no information out on the actress's state of mind or condition.

She caught a flight bound for Toronto where she was scheduled to begin working on a new film, co-starring with Denzel Washington.

Ben set for Hollyoaks sizzlerl

TEENAGE soap saga Hollyoaks is set to introduce another sizzling sex shocker plotline.

The controversial Channel 4 series will have hearthrob Lewis Richardson blackmailed into sex with a randy older woman.

Hunky Lew - played by Ben Hull - will become a sex slave in a torrid new storyline involving female casino supremo Lorraine Wilson.

It happens after the secret gambling addict embezzles pounds 5000 cash from pal Victoria Hutchinson, who is investing in the building project he's working on.

And then he loses all of it at the casino in a bid to clear his massive debts.

Fat's my boy says dad Guy

MOVIE director Guy Ritchie last night said his new baby son is a healthy "big fat lad" despite rumours that Madonna is still making secret visits to see him in hospital.

Ritchie, speaking for the first time since little Rocco was released from hospital a week ago, said mother and baby were both fine and "as good as gold".

Press reports in the States claim Madonna is still visiting the child in hospital in LA where the baby is still being cared for.

But Ritchie, speaking before last night's London premiere of his new movie Snatch, said: "They are very well now, everything is fine since she came out of hospital.

"I'm extremely happy to be a father and I'm extremely happy that the pair of them are in the condition they are in.

"They are 100 per cent and he is a big fat lad."

Ritchie, 31, said he was looking forward to a long future with the 42-year-old pop queen and revealed he used her song Lucky Star in the film as a tribute - except she made him pay through the nose for it.

He said: "She hurt us for it. I thought we were going to get it for free."

Ritchie, whose career has soared since the success of his debut, Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, is set for another smash with Snatch, which stars Hollywood heart throb Brad Pitt and Lock Stock star Vinnie Jones.

Britney has the answers

POP superstar Britney Spears is to become an online agony aunt.

She will hand out advice to fans for BBC Online about whatever is worrying them, whether it is love, family or school.

Britney, currently in the top five with Lucky, will be scattering her pearls of wisdom for a fortnight from September 8 with teenagers asked to send in their troubles now for inclusion on the So section of the website.

She said: "This is a great way of showing that pop stars are real people, too."

Worried fans can e-mail her at until September 8 asking for advice on relationships, family strife, academic worries or guidance on what the future might hold.

Brad's family planning

NEWLYWED Hollywood heart-throb Brad Pitt arrived in Britain yesterday hinting that he and his actress bride Jennifer Aniston may be planning to start a family.

Brad confirmed they wanted children but added: "Don't rush it. I've just got off the altar." He was in London for the premiere of his latest film Snatch.

FIREBRAND actress Courtney Love is being sued by three producers who claim she insulted them on the set of her latest film. The Mexican producers have accused the one-time singer of being obnoxious in a lawsuit filed at Los Angeles Superior Court. The widow of grunge rocker Kurt Cobain allegedly called one production superviser a whore. She later called two others "corrupt Mexicans, decadent and rich". Love, who also fronts the band Hole, has refused to comment on the allegations.

Billie gets strict

Billie Piper is putting her beloved pet dog Milo on a diet because she's so worried about his weight. She is currently in Canada on a promotional tour.
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