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ODFW on trail of hunters.

Byline: The Register-Guard

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife is hunting for more hunters - and not just among the state's youth.

ODFW Interim Director Roy Elicker last month convened a new Hunter Recruitment Work Group that includes women, disabled hunters and representatives of hunting organizations, Native American tribes, the outdoor retail industry, forest and agricultural landowners, minority groups, and hunter education organizations.

The advisory committee is charged with reviewing recent hunting trends in Oregon and developing proposals to bolster recruitment and retention.

"We hope to find ways to help involve all interested Oregonians in hunting by identifying barriers to participation and developing ideas for reducing or eliminating those barriers," Elicker said.

The new work group has been asked to develop ideas and proposals to increase hunting participation. Elicker says the best ideas will be used to try to recruit more hunters.

Last year, 9 percent of Oregonians participated in some form of hunting, according to the ODFW.

- Mike Stahlberg
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Date:Apr 11, 2006
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