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ODC-Nimbus & DCA Produce Blu-ray Disc With AACS & ROM Mark.

BURBANK, Calif. -- Doug Carson & Associates, Inc. (DCA) & ODC-Nimbus proudly announce that Deluxe Digital High Definition Media Center manufactured the first Blu-ray title with AACS & ROM Mark using the ODC-Nimbus HDBD LBR on January 3, 2007 utilizing DCA's MIS Pro Blu-ray formatter. It is believed that this disc is the first to be produced without using the Sony PTM LBR and Sony ROM Mark Inserter.

Eric Carson, product manager of DCA, Inc. says, "We are extremely proud to announce this cut, as it provides a new source for Blu-ray disc manufacturers to make ROM Mark protected discs. ODC-Nimbus' LBR, in conjunction with DCA's MIS Pro formatter can produce high-quality and lower-cost masters for replication plants worldwide, starting today."

James Wu, president of ODC-Nimbus commented, "Our partnership with DCA, combined with our new LBR gives the industry a great new choice in Blu-ray mastering. We are excited to continue our relationship with DCA and provide products that meet the needs of both mainstream and cutting edge disc manufacturers."

The DCA MIS Pro formatter is the latest in DCA's MIS family of products. MIS Pro offers time and amplitude domain pulse control (PCS 3) to shape the output of the encoder board for new cutting techniques, such as the dye polymer used on the HDBD LBR. ROM Mark, a Blu-ray specific security feature, is made with a Philips' board, while all modulation & format-specific layout is performed by DCA.

In addition to formatters, DCA provides a full line of next generation optical disc production tools, including the Viper loading, analysis & verification tool, and Blazer AACS encryption workstation, both of which were used for the production of this disc.

The ODC-Nimbus HDBD LBR is the result of extensive research and development over the last several years in recording layer materials and processes, resulting in a patented High-Resolution Dye-Polymer technology. Not only does this "super-resolution" technology enable next generation mastering using standard blue diode and UV lasers, but it also preserves the DRAW (Direct Read After Write) Mastering capability for precise process control. In addition, the patented and proven Nimbus translation mechanism assures robust and maintenance-free performance for positioning the features onto the master. Thus, with the comprehensive knowledge and ownership of these crucial two technologies and associated process expertise, ODC Nimbus is ready to offer unmatched performance for the next generation of mastering equipment.

About DCA, Inc.

DCA, Inc., Doug Carson & Associates, ( is the industry's leading provider of world class signal processing technology. Since 1988, optical disc manufacturers have relied on DCA's pre-mastering, mastering and verification products. DCA's products include Pre-Mastering tools (Viper, UDF & Video Verifier, Blazer AACS Workstation), Mastering tools (MIS with Pulse Control System) and Plant Manager tools (Commander job controller, Title Manager reporting index). DCA's leadership position in the optical disc industry extends now to 3G format development for HD DVD and Blu-ray. DCA continues to champion new solutions for optical discs, including its DiscTag, HCRC and job history metadata for automated verification, testing and tracking of job information.

About ODC Nimbus

ODC NIMBUS ( is the fusion of two pioneers in mastering. With unified technology, over 50 years of combined experience and 25+ patents, the company has developed a new Switchable HDBD LBR for mastering the new Blu-ray and HD-DVD formats. Through an expanded engineering staff and global offices, ODC Nimbus is responsible for the service and upgrade of over 250 Nimbus and ODC systems worldwide.

About Deluxe Digital - High Definition Media Center

Deluxe's High Definition Media Center is a fast turnaround check disc & production plant for DVD, HD DVD & Blu-ray. Deluxe Digital's authoring facilities have been relied upon for the majority of Hollywood production, and now it extends its understanding of the Hollywood environment to provide manufacturing solutions that keep the entire content production chain (from studio to mass replication) in mind.

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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Jan 4, 2007
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