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OCIE guidance for USAR soldiers.


* OCIE issued directly to you at active component (AC) central issue facilities (CIFs) and in the Rapid Fielding Initiative Program will be posted to your individual installation support module (ISM)-CIF clothing record.

* On redeployment, you're required to keep certain OCIE items for the rest of your career.

* Your supporting CIF is Reserve CIF at Sierra Army Depot (SIAD), CA (RS0100). When you are no longer deployed, SIAD will support you on OCIE issues, turn-ins and exchanges, and also maintain and update your clothing record.

* At home station, your unit supply sergeant can initiate changes or corrections to your ISM-CIF records.

* When deployed or assigned to an AC or Army National Guard (ARNG) unit, you'll be supported in the same manner as all the other Soldiers in your assigned AC or ARNG unit.


How to Contact SDDC Help Desk After Hours

To reach the Military Surface Deployment and Distribution Command (SDDC) Help Desk on weekdays after 1730 EST, or on weekends, call DSN 770-4262 or (618) 220-4262. Normal operating hours are M-F, 0700 to 1730 EST. Call (800) 526-1465.


* Make sure your Soldiers maintain their equipment within established appearance and serviceability standards. This means doing annual OCIE inspections and inventories.

* Check that your Soldiers have all OCIE items listed in their ISM-CIF records. Account for any missing items as directed in AR 735-5, Policies and Procedures for Property Accountability.

* Store and account for retained OCIE as directed in Para 2-14i, in AR 710-2, Supply Policy Below the National Level. Store and account for non-retained OCIE as described in Para 2-18d of AR 710-2.

* Each USAR unit identification code must have DA Form 1687, Delegation of Authority, and FH Form 25-29-R, pUser Access Request and Responsibility Statement, approved by SIAD to enable access to the ISM-CIF.


ATSTP Courses Roll Over to AIRS

The Army Traffic Safety Training Program (ATSTP) now uses the Army IMCOM Registration System (AIRS) for all its classes. Students can register for ATSTP courses, get class rosters and find training locations at the following website:
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