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OC Systems Debuts RTI v3.3, Application Performance Management.

OC Systems, Inc., Fairfax. Va., has released version 3.3 of RootCause Transaction Instrumentation (RTI). RTI is a lightweight, easy-to-use tool that delivers end-to-end visibility into performance problems and bottlenecks in complex software applications. With this release, RTI becomes the only root-cause diagnostics and application performance management (APM) software designed specifically for Red Hat's JBoss Operations Network, a key component of Red Hat's JBoss Managed offerings which provide built-in management and monitoring capabilities to effectively administer all of an organization's JBoss application environments, and the RHQ project, an open source systems management suite that provides extensible and integrated systems management for multiple products and platforms across a set of core features.

"Red Hat is excited about RTI, which is the only integrated performance add-on for JBoss Operations Network v3.0," said Craig Muzilla, vice president and general manager, Middleware, Red Hat. "With RTI and JBoss Operations Network, customers now have a comprehensive performance management solution for JBoss platforms that includes lightweight profiling, deep diagnostics and extended performance alerting." RTI traces business transactions across Java Virtual Machines (JVMs) and platforms to identify root-cause failure to the method-level, extending the base performance monitoring capabilities of JBoss Operations Network and RHQ with deeper diagnostics, enhanced performance alerting and increased collaboration across operations, technical support and development. New features in version 3.3 include:

Automatic discovery and monitoring of business transactions; Lightweight Transaction Profiling, with just 2 percent overhead under full load; Analyze Transaction response-time, system resource, JVM and Java Management Extensions (JMX) metrics in a single dashboard; and Supports monitoring and alerting on any code in an application.

"Many IT organizations experience performance problems from time to time, but often lack the ability and tools to quickly identify and correct them in an integrated environment," said Joe Dickman, senior vice president and managing director of Vizuri, Inc. "RTI is the only product that provides fully integrated performance monitoring and root-cause diagnostics within JBoss Operations Network. We are pleased to be including RTI in the solution set we offer our clients."

"JBoss Operations Network offers tremendous business value through centralizing JBoss systems management, and when combined with RTI has become even more powerful," said Steve Sturtevant, RTI product manager, OC Systems. "Being able to monitor business transactions, trace their path through applications and servers, and decompose them down to the method level is extremely valuable to IT organizations."

"Optimizing performance has become essential to meeting user expectations and delivering a quality user experience," said Oliver Cole, CEO of OC Systems. "Our goal with RTI has always been to deliver a product that made it easier than ever before to track down and resolve performance and functional problems. By integrating with JBoss Operations Network, we are able to achieve that goal."

Pricing and Availability RTI is shipping now. Pricing is subscription-based, starting at $2250 for monitoring JBoss on up to 16 CPU cores. OC Systems, Inc.

OC Systems, Inc. provides software instrumentation tools, development environments, and consulting services that help organizations gain greater visibility into large, complex applications. RTI (, the company's latest release, is an application performance management (APM) solution for Red Hat's JBoss Enterprise Middleware. Founded in 1983, OC Systems, Inc. is an employee owned company based in Fairfax, Virginia. Customers include Lockheed Martin, IBM, Northrop Grumman, SAS, Sandia National Laboratories, Intel,

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Date:Jan 31, 2012
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