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 SAN ANSELMO, Calif., Oct. 4 /PRNewswire/ -- Amazing Media(TM) Inc. today announced the completion of a set of object-oriented authoring tools that simplifies the creation of 3DO(TM) games and "edutainment" programs. Originally created for producing their own programs, the company will form business alliances enabling other developers and publishers to take advantage of these tools -- tools that allow programs to be created without the aid of "C" programmers.
 Amazing Media is completing work on two "edutainment" 3DO programs created with the new tools, to be published and distributed by The Software Toolworks Inc., a leading supplier of CD-ROM software.
 According to Amazing Media President and Creative Director Keith Metzger, his company will use the tools to do the authoring work for developers and publishers, rather than sell or license the tools. "This enables us to continue building our 3DO capabilities and team, while at the same time helping others bring 3DO titles to market much more quickly and with much less financial risk than if they did the work themselves," he said.
 The authoring tools are well suited for any "branching" type program -- those which would fall into the categories of Interactive Fiction and Role-Playing games, as well as Informational and Educational software programs.
 The tools center around an "interpreter" that responds to instructions contained within text files -- instructions that are set up as "class definitions" and "object instantiations." Objects then use other "Server" tasks to play sounds and digitized video, load images, control animations, warp and translate bitmaps as well as allowing for multiple levels and types of interactivity.
 Although the scripts are interpreted, the system as a whole works quickly because the "Server" tasks do most of the computation, while the interpreted code simply specifies how the various program elements are joined together.
 Amazing Media's two new 3DO titles created with the tools are: Oceans Below(TM), an underwater video and photographic experience that places the user in the role of a scuba diver and Space Shuttle, an experience that transports the user to the Johnson Space Center, to learn about and launch Shuttle missions. Oceans Below will be on the market in October and Space Shuttle in November. Macintosh, DOS and MPC versions of these titles are currently on the market.
 Amazing Media is a five year-old multimedia producer. The company was awarded an Invision Award, as well as Publish Magazine's design award for "Clinton: Portrait of Victory", published by Time-Warner Interactive Group and produced in affiliation with publisher Epicenter Communications of Sausalito. The company has also recently released through The Software Toolworks, Capitol Hill, on Mac, DOS and MPC and is currently in production on a new, yet-to-be-announced Macintosh/MPC compatible title to be released in March 1994.
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Date:Oct 4, 1993
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