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Brig M Abdul Latif was born on 25th December 1921 and died on 9th October 2014. He got his basic education at Lawrence College Ghora Gali Murree Hills Intermediate and Bachelors Education at FC College Lahore. He held an MBBS degree from King Edward Medical College Lahore.

In 1947 he joined PAMC in a batch of seven officers in the first training group and got the training from PAMC centre Lahore. He has the honor to be the first commissioned officer of Pakistan Army Medical Corps. His first posting was in 5 field ambulance and in 1948 was sent to PANDO Kashmir as RMO with the troops.

His next postings were OTS Kohat and PMA Kakul as RMO. From Kakul he was posted to Quetta as DMS and then GHQ Rawalpindi. In 1956 he went on a course at Army medical service school SAN Antonio.USA.

In 1957-58 he was posted to Abbottabad in Frist Corps. From Abbottabad he was posted to Jhelum in Corps Headquarter. The tenure during which he had the honor of serving with Maj. Aziz Bhatti (Shaheed Hero of 1965 War).

From Jhelum he was posted to Rawalpindi in GHQ as DMS. Got promoted to Lt. Colonel and was posted to Sialkot and commanded 41 field Ambulance. In 1964 was posted to CMH Chittagong as CO CMH and in 1966 was posted to Abbottabad as CCI AMC Centre. He commanded CMH Rawalpindi from 1968-1969 and later posted to MS branch from CMH Rawalpindi. In 1970 He was promoted to Full Colonel and posted to 63 Medical Battalion Multan.

In 1973 was posted as CO MH Rawalpindi and in this way had an honor of commanding both CMH and MH Rawalpindi.

In 1975 he was posted to GHQ as ADMS and got Promoted in 1977 as Brigadier and was posted as DDMS in GHQ Rawalpindi. He retired from Pakistan Army in 1979.

Had an honor of shaking hands with Quaid- e-Azam in 1947 in Walton Refugee Camp Lahore where he was working as volunteer doctor. He had a brief one to one conversation with Mr. Jinnah and described his hand shake as warm firm and friendly". Mr. Jinnah praised his efforts of serving the refugees and asked how is the work going on" and he answered; we are looking after the patients considering paucity of resources very well. Quaid said Good keep it up"

He was complete professional who would make sure all his life is nothing but an honor and dignity. He was kind considerate and down to earth. The professional career was well spent with one thought on the mind Duty comes first" and that was never compromised till the day when he quit. In the last year of his service he was offered the extension of two years but he gently refused saying that the next in line for the promotion would suffer and that is against his principles which he stood by all his life.

When he was Major he took Squash as a hobby and mastered the sports to the extent that he would have tough matches with the World Squash Champion Hashim Khan and defeated him in few of the friendly matches.

The last days of his life were spent with his family he valued his relations a lot" and would be the first one to be there when needed. He occasionally used to do gardening as a hobby and had a close affection for the nature. He was extremely religious.

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Date:Sep 30, 2014
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