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Kerns Directed Camp Waziyatah

Peter Kerns, a longtime member of ACA, died suddenly in January while on a recruiting trip in Germany. With his wife, Penny, he directed Camp Waziyatah in Waterford, Maine; Camp Waziyatah was the original location of Disney's Bug Juice. Peter was the past president of the Association of Independent Camps (AIC) and a member of the AIC board of directors. He was active in the ACA New England Section and had served as a trainer for the Basic Camp Director Course.

Bulova Founded Buck's Rock Camp

Ernst Bulova, founder of Buck's Rock Camp in New Milford, Connecticut, died in January in his home at Buck's Rock. He was a well-respected educator, psychologist, and writer.

Wasserman Was Director of Camp Naticook

Former ACA member Rona B. Wasserman passed away in January. For thirty-five years, she was the owner and director of Camp Naticook, in Merrick, New Hampshire.

Lorenz Founded Gnaw Bone Camp

Frederick G. Lorenz Jr., CCD, founder of Gnaw Bone Camp in Nashville, Indiana, died in December at the age of eighty-six. For twenty-five years, he taught industrial arts at the Orchard School in Indianapolis. Loving known by all as simply "Fred," he was active in the Boy Scouts, earning his fifty-year pin in 1976. He was a fifty-year member of the American Camping Association, serving on the ACA National Board of Directors and as a standards visitor and outdoor living skills instructor. He was also an honorary board member of Happy Hollow Children's Camp.

Hogrefe Believed in the Camp Experience

Russell Hogrefe, former executive director of the ACA Illinois Section, died in December at the age of eighty-six. Called "a champion for the underdog and the common person," Russell was instrumental in maintaining and building on the State of Illinois Title XX grant which funds camperships for at-risk children. Under his guidance, the Title XX allotments for camping services grew to nearly $1 million. Before working for the Illinois section, he was executive director of Chicago Youth Centers and helped establish the center's summer camp in Michigan.

Werner Founded First Day Camp in St. Louis

Margaret "Peggy" Steele Werner died in November at the age of ninety-seven. She was the former co-owner of Sebago Club, the first day camp in St. Louis, Missouri. She and her late husband, L. Matthews Werner, also operated Camp Ironwood and Camp Arrowventure, in South Waterford, Maine.
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