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OBESE single women are four [...].

OBESE single women are four times more likely to have an unplanned pregnancy than women of a healthy weight, despite having sex less often, researchers said. They are also 63% less likely to seek advice on contraception, 66% less likely to take the Pill and generally view sex as less important, according to the largest ever study into obesity and sexual health. Researchers found obese women were five times more likely to have met their partner on the internet, and were more likely to have an obese partner than women of a healthy weight.

Furthermore, they were 29% less likely to report having had a sexual partner in the previous 12 months. However, obesity also has a huge impact on men, with obese men being 69% less likely to report more than one partner in the previous year compared with men of normal weight.

The study found they were almost three times more likely to report erectile dysfunction as men of a normal weight and were more likely to say they had picked up a sexuallytransmitted infection. The research, published online in the British Medical Journal, involved more than 12,000 men and women in France.

But a British expert said the findings had far-reaching implications, and called for greater understanding of how obese people feel about their sex lives.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)
Date:Jun 21, 2010
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