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Articles from OB GYN News (July 1, 2005)

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Adding bevacizumab improves breast cancer survival rates. MacNeil, Jane Salodof 490
Al-Anon: getting past denial. Epstein, Marsha Editorial 609
Anogenital findings raise concerns about phthalates. Bates, Betsy 765
Call to improve maternal morbidity, mortality rates. Frieden, Joyce 625
Can physicians improve the health literacy of their patients? Geipert, Nadja 348
Cases point to widespread scope contamination. Bates, Betsy 577
Cloning policy. Schneider, Mary Ellen 203
Consider renal effects of high-protein diets. Wachter, Kerri 315
Defibrillator adapter cable malfunction prompts recall. Wachter, Kerri 163
Defibrillators recalled due to short circuit. Wachter, Kerri 133
Diabetics: panic is common and linked to depression. Tucker, Miriam E. 365
Don't discount gynecologic surgeries for elderly: risk of major procedures could be reduced by attending to group's specific perioperative needs. Johnson, Kate 648
Drug Use during pregnancy. Schneider, Mary Ellen 110
Effects of OCs may persist after Rx discontinuation. Tucker, Miriam E. 527
Egg freezing in IVF holds promise. Johnson, Kate 846
Electronic health records spark identifier debate: some say single, voluntary approach would reduce errors; others want to build on decentralized system. Levenson, Deborah 644
Estrogen alternatives available for hot flashes: remedies such as progestins often are proposed, but few have been evaluated in controlled studies. Finn, Robert 675
Exercise column a 'tremendous service'. Letter to the editor 170
Extended prenatal care could help to better address chronic illness. Frieden, Joyce 557
FDA downgrades the antiviral efavirenz to pregnancy category D. MacNeil, Jane Salodof 560
Female genital cutting. Nour, Nawal M. 856
Fibroid embolization pays off for radiologists, insurers. Johnson, Kate 459
Florida's parental notification law. Schneider, Mary Ellen 167
Formal surgery curriculum sharpens ob.gyn. skills. Boschert, Sherry 599
HBOT for osteonecrosis of the jaw. Meress, Steven G. Letter to the editor 84
Heart patients don't consider weight a CVD risk. Tucker, Miriam E. 652
High-resolution CT accurately assesses bone microarchitecture. Evans, Jeff 360
HMO learns from coscreening initiative. 586
HPV testing may help manage LSIL. 404
HSV-1 cited in genital infections in young women. Mechcatie, Elizabeth 655
Illinois malpractice bill. Schneider, Mary Ellen Brief article 116
Imaging data from phase III study support parathyroid as bone builder. Splete, Heidi Clinical report 317
Immunosuppressants pose challenge in pregnancy: balancing immunosuppression with the health of the woman and fetus requires team approach. Wachter, Kerri 846
Implications of ob.gyn. recruitment survey under question. Silverman, Jennifer 917
Improved health IT could help close gap in care. Frieden, Joyce 732
Iodine deficiency may be culprit. Adams, Charles C. Letter to the editor 157
Long-term NSAID use halves oral ca in smokers. Finn, Robert 315
Low expulsion rate for NuvaRing contraceptive. Finn, Robert 122
Mammography rates 'abysmal' for mentally ill. Mahoney, Diana 550
Metaanalysis: aspirin below 100 mg/day is safest; Researchers were surprised to find that bleeding risk climbed sharply with doses in moderate range. Jancin, Bruce 512
Metformin, reduced-calorie diet improve CV risk in PCOS patients. Splete, Heidi 396
New CF screen expected to improve accuracy: genotyping test may allow more labs to perform CF screening and allow greater uniformity of result reports. Kilgore, Christine 838
Nuanced definition of hypertension proposed. Boschert, Sherry 606
OC counters bone loss in anorexic teenagers. MacNeil, Jane Salodof 550
Panel seeks government, private sector to team for IT adoption. Schneider, Mary Ellen 478
Panels address physician roles in managing ca survivors. MacNeil, Jane Salodof 529
Patch takes on surgical menopause. Finn, Robert 320
Pesticides linked to higher risk of Parkinson's. Sullivan, Michele G. 640
Physicians turn to HPV testing in women with AGUS Pap results. Boschert, Sherry 589
Recognizing stroke is a life or death issue. Reece, E. Albert 278
Statins: 50% lower risk of esophageal, pancreatic cancer. Kirn, Timothy F. 304
Stroke in pregnancy and the postpartum period. Sibai, Baha 2307
Study finds lower suicide rates not due to antidepressant use. Jancin, Bruce 405
Study identifies risk factor for mesh erosion. Boschert, Sherry 595
Study supports NSAID class effect on MI risk: coxibs no more a factor than non-COX-2. Jancin, Bruce 761
Subclinical hypothyroidism tied to heart risk. Tucker, Miriam E. 516
Teens tap Rutgers Web site with questions on sex; site visitors pegged at 60,000 per day. Kirn, Timothy F. 627
The chosen profession. Schneider, Mary Ellen Brief article 157
Trachelectomy indications, complications studied. Boschert, Sherry 581
Urge incontinence treated with flexible dosing of oxybutynin. Finn, Robert 254
VBAC mortality unchanged after guideline issued. McNamara, Damian 667

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