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Articles from OB GYN News (April 15, 2005)

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2005 Match Day: ob.gyn. makes slight recovery; Fill rate was 94.7% following 2-year decline. Silverman, Jennifer 831
Abstinence pledges don't protect against STDs: delaying first intercourse had no significant effect on sexually transmitted disease incidence. Sullivan, Michele G. 652
Adult-onset asthma is common but largely underrecognized. Johnson, Kate 636
Alternatives for states to improve health coverage: some favor a pay-for-performance system, allowing states to get grants based on their measured progress. Silverman, Jennifer 521
Antidepressant effect may manifest sooner than previously thought. Foley, Kevin 201
Asians react differently to oral glucose test. Kirn, Timothy F. 402
Baseline anxiety impacts adjustment to cancer. Splete, Heidi 298
Bouncing back from serious illness. Brunk, Doug 1556
Calcium may lower risk of colorectal Ca. Evans, Jeff 178
California health care purchaser rejects HSAs. Frieden, Joyce 636
Cancer awareness campaign. Schneider, Mary Ellen 137
Cervical dysplasia often seen in lupus patients. Walsh, Nancy 524
Chronic visceral pelvic Pain responds to neurostimulation in small study. Bates, Betsy 313
CMS to launch pay-for-performance project: under a pilot project, 10 large physician groups will be rewarded for improving outcomes. Frieden, Joyce 723
Comorbid conditions can guide migraine prophylaxis. 207
Conflict-of-interest rules targeted. Schneider, Mary Ellen 132
Congress weighs giving FDA more authority. Frieden, Joyce 511
Consensus panel cautious on menopause treatment. Frieden, Joyce 852
Controversy erupts over proteomics studies. Sullivan, Michele G. 1378
Counsel on supracervical option in hysterectomy. MacNeil, Jane Salodof 576
Diagnose vaginitis by exam, not by phone: symptoms are often misleading, and relatively few women can accurately self-diagnose candidiasis. MacNeil, Jane Salodof 512
Digital/manual rotation reduces need for C-section. Finn, Robert 382
Discount cards not created equal. Silverman, Jennifer 166
Dissatisfaction with health predicts hysterectomy. 217
Does pay for performance have the right ingredients? Silverman, Jennifer 840
Duloxetine appears effective in treating fibromyalgia. Tucker, Miriam E. 588
Early relief of back pain flags Botox responders. Bates, Betsy 420
EC mandate. Schneider, Mary Ellen 170
Education, support help ease genital dermatoses. MacNeil, Jane Salodof 555
Emergency contraception misuse. DeBrakeleer, Donald J. Letter to the Editor 245
Entecavir approved for chronic hepatitis B. Mechcatie, Elizabeth 686
Estrogen drop affects peripheral vasculature. Worcester, Sharon 362
Evaluate CV risk annually in all lupus patients. 222
Failed glyburide trial in gestational diabetes not tied to long-term harm. Kirn, Timothy F. 447
Favorable 5-year results for UAE. Splete, Heidi 622
First-trimester Doppler predicts IUGR. Kirn, Timothy F. 291
First-trimester screening works well in clinics. Finn, Robert 461
Heart disease in SLE called 'worrying'. Walsh, Nancy 844
Heavy bleeding not tied to pelvic pain in women with fibroids. 180
High meat intake may raise cancer risk. Evans, Jeff 171
History can help identify cause of anal pain: information about medication, bleeding, and even sexual practices can help nail down a diagnosis. Worcester, Sharon 757
How to make health plans compete on quality. Greenberg, Warren 517
Hyperemesis gravidarum ups obstetric risks. Splete, Heidi 160
Incremental changes called key to health care system reform. Frieden, Joyce 862
Intermediate CV risk overestimated in Americans. Jancin, Bruce 653
Laparoscopy and hysteroscopy combo advocated. Johnson, Kate 554
Large study confirms benefit of oral tocolysis maintenance. Finn, Robert 247
Lichen planus and beyond: a review of erosive noninfectious skin diseases. 689
Long induction considered safe, does not increase morbidity. Kirn, Timothy F. 547
Long-term bisphosphonate use may damage jaw. Johnson, Kate 539
Lupus patients have 15% increased risk for all cancers, study shows. 381
Match the treatment to the condition. Letter to the Editor 487
Medical records fight. Schneider, Mary Ellen 151
Medical vs. surgical abortion. Freistadt, Hans Letter to the Editor 369
Medicare recovery audit project spurs concern. Frieden, Joyce 603
Medicolegal issues. Flamm, Bruce L. 619
Mobile ultrasound screening gains acceptance: the units are said to offer affordably priced screening tests that medicare does not routinely reimburse. Kirn, Timothy F. 1001
Moderate exercise helps ease restless legs symptoms. Mahoney, Diana 289
Morbidity still a concern in fetal surgeries. Finn, Robert 470
MRI predicts breast cancer response to neoadjuvant Tx. Jancin, Bruce 209
New immigrants less likely to undergo Pap test. Splete, Heidi 191
New options for HIV in pregnancy worldwide. Mahoney, Diana 869
New tests for down syndrome, preterm labor: experimental technologies diagnose Down syndrome and assess amniotic fluid to predict preterm delivery. Kirn, Timothy F. 497
Obese women at increased risk of fetal loss after 20 weeks' gestation. Kirn, Timothy F. 382
Obesity linked to rise in chronic daily headache. Finn, Robert 294
Omega-3 capsules touted for cutting triglycerides. Jancin, Bruce 655
Once-daily clindamycin foam easier for patients. McNamara, Damian 351
Oral bacteria may affect pregnancy outcome. Sullivan, Michele G. 551
Pain patients take fewer than half of OxyContin scripts as directed. Bates, Betsy 431
Part D prescription benefit may facilitate formulary appeals. Silverman, Jennifer 517
Physician-Owned specialty hospitals under scrutiny. Schneider, Mary Ellen 821
Physicians advise CMS on pay for performance. Frieden, Joyce 747
Posthysterectomy prolapse prevented with culdoplasty. Worcester, Sharon 226
Pregnancy history cuts risk of unprovoked VTE. Zoler, Mitchel L. 447
Proinflammatory cytokine tied to depression in pregnancy. Goldman, Erik 598
Rectal prolapse requires individualized approach to therapy. Worcester, Sharon 725
Recurring complex aphthosis can be easily mistaken for fatal Behcet's disease. MacNeil, Jane Salodof 649
Retrospective study shows hypothyroidism tied to lower breast Ca risk. Kilgore, Christine 303
Rheumatoid arthritis drugs. Briggs, Gerald G. 721
Risk of sepsis death soars with antibiotic delays. MacNeil, Jane Salodof 721
Routine echo unneeded in hypertensives. Finn, Robert 264
Rubella is no longer a major public health threat. Brunk, Doug 615
Secondary headaches more common in elderly: diagnosing, managing primary headaches in this population can present challenges, atypical twists. Melville, Nancy A. 577
Sickle cell trait linked to placental problems. Kirn, Timothy F. 314
Skin disorders common cause of vulvovaginal symptoms, expert says. 341
Symptoms, not size, drive more fibroid surgeries: women cite heavy bleeding and desire for pregnancy as most common reasons for elective operations. Splete, Heidi 887
Test pegs resistance after single-dose nevirapine. Mahoney, Diana 571
Treating the very old for low bone density highly beneficial. Wachter, Kerri 848
U.N. calls for cloning ban. Schneider, Mary Ellen 134
Use CRP to gauge Tx of metabolic syndrome. Jancin, Bruce 606
Use positive adoption language. Borchers, Deborah Letter to the Editor 221
Vaginal birth after C-section. Letter to the Editor 371
Weight loss sustainable with rimonabant, 2-year results show. Jancin, Bruce 851
Yoga may help alleviate fibromyalgia symptoms. Tucker, Miriam E. 394

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