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Articles from OB GYN News (October 1, 2004)

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Abortion Ban struck down. Schneider, Mary Ellen 112
Advances favor tests to gauge osteoporosis risk. Bates, Betsy 877
Are we ready for EHRs? Steinberg, Joel S. Letter to the Editor 425
Athletic performance not affected by OCs. McNamara, Damian 218
Avian influenza viruses may spark next pandemic. Sullivan, Michele G. 617
Baths may lower intensity of active labor pain. Boschert, Sherry 603
Bioequivalence of generic Synthroid questioned. Mechcatie, Elizabeth 316
Blood pressure in pregnancy: how low can you go? Sullivan, Michele G. 695
Breast ca mortality tied to age at diagnosis, stage. Sullivan, Michele G. 623
Calif. ob.gyns. embrace MICRA. Frieden, Joyce 993
Center addresses Perinatal Medicine and Law for residents. Boschert, Sherry 439
Chlorhexidine bests povidone iodine in small study. Brunk, Doug 367
COMPLICATIONS may help avoid legal action. Finn, Robert 637
Consumer-driven plans haven't caught fire yet. Silverman, Jennifer 607
Contraceptive mandate. Schneider, Mary Ellen 90
Cytokines up in pregnant smokers. Brunk, Doug 366
Depo-Provera users appear to be prone to STDs: the use of oral contraceptives was not associated with increased risk or development of infections. Splete, Heidi 321
Discuss risks and benefits of ovarian ca screening. Johnson, Kate 416
Doctor groups still back clinical trials registry. Silverman, Jennifer 1062
Drugs of limited use in female sex dysfunction. Kirn, Timothy F. 612
Duloxetine approved to treat diabetic peripheral neuropathy. Brunk, Doug 689
Early neuraxial analgesia proves superior for pain relief, shorter labor than opioids. Worcester, Sharon 482
Family history of breast cancer may increase adverse effects of stress. Worcester, Sharon 485
Fetal nasal bone length shown to be independent of maternal factors. Brunk, Doug 293
Fetal problems rise with serum bile acid levels in cholestasis of pregnancy. Evans, Jeff 207
For vulvar vestibulitis, 5% lidocaine found effective. Norton, Patrice G.W. 397
Gene identified as crucial for female sexual development. Kirn, Timothy F. 421
Genetics differences affect responses to medications. Boschert, Sherry 476
Glucose metabolism may link maternal obesity with NTDs. Melville, Nancy A. 468
HIV materials. Schneider, Mary Ellen 168
HIV prevention program shows early success. Worcester, Sharon 154
If the HPV vaccine ever becomes available, will patients want to get it? Sullivan, Michele G. 692
Inactivity better than BMI at flagging heart risk. Splete, Heidi 615
Intravaginal danazol gel acts locally to relieve endometriosis pain. Norton, Patrice G.W. 379
Investigational drug ups HDL by 27% in one year: linked to weight loss, improved smoking cessation, reversal of metabolic syndrome. Jancin, Bruce 919
Laparoscopic pelvic reconstructive surgery: Part 1. Liu, C.Y. 1498
Laparoscopic staging for early ovarian ca studied: there were no significant differences between cases and controls in mean left or right pelvic lymph nodes. Brunk, Doug 453
Leptin eased hypothalamic amenorrhea in small trial: potential tx for infertility, anorexia nervosa. Tucker, Miriam E. 590
Medicare drug reimbursement causing concern. Frieden, Joyce 634
Milk and risk of colorectal ca. Evans, Jeff 159
Minimally invasive approach. Miller, Charles E. 363
More are uninsured as employers drop coverage. Silverman, Jennifer 582
Neonatal mortality on the decline. MacReady, Norra 204
New blood pursuing phlebology training: ranks of American College of Phlebology growing at 17% per year. Boschert, Sherry 1029
No radiation for some breast ca patients. Boschert, Sherry 566
Order rapid HSV tests by name from lab. Brunk, Doug 480
Pain is major patient concern with C-section. Worcester, Sharon 330
Part B premium hike. Schneider, Mary Ellen 181
Physician unions are bad for patients, government report says. Frieden, Joyce 877
Plaintiffs' lawyers get more sophisticated, win more cases. Kirn, Timothy F. 404
Postpartum headaches often go unrecognized. Worcester, Sharon 383
Pregnancy-induced HT is on the rise. Worcester, Sharon 210
Probiotic can't prevent yeast infection. Evans, Jeff 199
Report proposes greater taxpayer funding for education of health professionals. Boschert, Sherry 356
Ropivacaine may benefit preeclampsia, IUGR. Worcester, Sharon 309
Routine coached pushing may be harmful: when done in the second stage of labor, it adversely impacts bladder capacity, first urge to void, trial shows. Brunk, Doug 459
Scientific integrity. Schneider, Mary Ellen 158
Sharp rises seen in Canadian maternal morbidity factors. Bates, Betsy 559
Suburethral sling treats occult stress urinary incontinence. Brunk, Doug 320
SUI risk in white women tripple that in blacks. Brunk, Doug 417
Tailor HIV prevention to patient. McNamara, Damian 558
Take blame out of prevention efforts and messages to people with HIV, activist advises. McNamara, Damian 481
Temporomandibular joint disorders. Sullivan, Michele G. 709
The Bush proposal presented. Frist, William 851
The Kerry proposal presented. Connally, Tom 695
The silicone ring pessary called most useful for majority of women with vaginal prolapse. Kirn, Timothy F. 756
U.S. flu pandemic plan highlights local response. Sullivan, Michele G. 1179
Ultrasound best for adnexal masses diagnosis. Sullivan, Michele G. 631
Use your power to help patients quit smoking: the more the message is repeated, the more likely it is to be heeded. 'It's a dose-response relationship.'. Tucker, Miriam E. 1413
Vaginal bulge may be pelvic organ prolapse. Brunk, Doug 372
Walking toward glycemic control. Whyte, John; Marting, Robert 626
What about estrogen? Gorski, Tim Letter to the Editor 288
What women want during labor may surprise you. Boschert, Sherry 518

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