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Articles from OB GYN News (November 1, 2004)

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ACOG report provides recommendations on HT: document designed to help readers 'synthesize what's out there in terms of clinical trials related to' HT. Worcester, Sharon 763
Breast implant, connective tissue disease link still debated. Johnson, Kate 736
C-section moms satisfied with early return to normal diet. Bates, Betsy 417
Ca survival similar for laparoscopy, laparotomy. Tucker, Miriam E. 434
Case report offers insight into treatment of rare FATWO tumor. Bates, Betsy 375
Chlamydia screening. Schneider, Mary Ellen 133
Clues to obesity-cancer connection under study. Sullivan, Michele G. 629
Colorado avoids malpractice crisis. Kirn, Timothy F. 1166
Cranberry juice's preventive effects increase with intake. Mahoney, Diana 491
DHEA supplementation may enhance benefits of exercise. Tucker, Miriam E. 376
Doctors ask patients to pay malpractice 'surcharge'. Silverman, Jennifer 857
Doctors still skeptical about cord blood banking: neither ACOG nor the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends private storage of cord blood. Schneider, Mary Ellen 919
Early malpractice settlements: good idea, no silver bullet. Silverman, Jennifer 795
Estrogen type may be associated with risk of venous thrombosis. Johnson, Kate 509
Faith-based health coverage. Schneider, Mary Ellen 170
Feds: save influenza shots for at-risk patients. Sullivan, Michele G. 582
Fewer than 17% of patients recently e-mailed their physicians. Boschert, Sherry 373
Genital prolapse. Miller, Charles E. 282
HCG screening at abortion advocated. Sullivan, Michele G. 588
Hospitals may help with malpractice premiums--carefully. Frieden, Joyce 640
IBS drug approved for idiopathic constipation. Mechcatie, Elizabeth 619
Increased risk of low BMD in congenital adrenal hyperplasia. Tucker, Miriam E. 436
Insurers push evidence-based medicine in Tenn. Schneider, Mary Ellen 581
Is membrane stripping appropriate in modern obstetrics? Rouse, Amy; McGregor, James A. 876
Lymph nodes dissected without axillary incision. Tucker, Miriam E. 597
Maternity benefits vetoed. Schneider, Mary Ellen 132
Menopause outreach. Schneider, Mary Ellen 140
Metabolic syndrome linked to stroke risk. Worcester, Sharon 351
Metformin may reverse PCOS in some girls. Sullivan, Michele G. 704
Most at-risk women ineligible for tamoxifen therapy. Worcester, Sharon 611
No rapid bone loss seen in year after HT is stopped: still have a reduced rate of bone fractures. Kirn, Timothy F. 387
Onychomycosis. Sullivan, Michele G. 750
Part 2: laparoscopic enterocele repair and vaginal vault suspension. Liu, C.Y. 1482
Patient privacy protection act. Schneider, Mary Ellen 147
Pelvic floor exercises may quell prolonged second-stage labor. Sullivan, Michele G. 311
Pregnancy can trigger a variety of liver diseases. Evans, Jeff 1300
Reduced fracture risk seen with [beta]-blockers. Wachter, Kerri 325
Restless legs syndrome common in pregnancy. Bates, Betsy 603
Risks increase with c-section at full cervical dilatation. Bates, Betsy 446
Smoking cessation. Zoler, Mitchel L.; MacReady, Norra 1339
Strength and flexibility for older patients, part 1. Nagler, Willibald 788
Study to look at drug to prevent ovarian cancer. Franklin, Deeanna 310
Subclinical hyperthyroidism Tx improves BMD. Jancin, Bruce 303
Subclinical thyroid disease linked to preterm delivery: screen women for thyroid disease if they deliver before 32 weeks' gestation. Jancin, Bruce 560
Sunscreens don't affect reproductive hormones: the study results cannot be extrapolated to prepubertal children, who may absorb more of the chemicals. Sullivan, Michele G. 725
Survey suggests maternal diet may affect all. Kirn, Timothy F. 351
The values debate in health care. Schaeffer, Leonard D. 497
Top 10 ways to avoid federal fraud prosecution: the former chief counsel at the office of inspector general offers suggestions for staying out of trouble. Frieden, Joyce 758
Warm-up improves surgical performance. Tucker, Miriam E. 361
Web messaging boosts clinician productivity. Boschert, Sherry 874

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