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Articles from OB GYN News (July 1, 2003)

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Abdominal sacrocolpopexy suitable for young, sexually active patients. (Vaginal Vault Prolapse). Splete, Heidi 512
Agencies disagree on uniform medicare coverage policy. (Local or National?). Frieden, Joyce 598
Bisphosphonate approved, but not being launched. (Convenient Dosing Sought). Mechcatie, Elizabeth 208
Breast MRI may find missed cancer. (Specificity, Cost at Issue). Mahoney, Diana 1009
Chronic low-dose aspirin therapy tied to GI bleeding. (No Safe Dose?). Worcester, Sharon 515
Combination HRT linked to dementia in older women: findings reinforce need to limit its use to short-term tx in younger women. (Women's Health Initiative). Tucker, Miriam E. 1016
Condoms don't increase teen sex. (Policy & Practice). Schneider, Mary Ellen 97
Conservative treatment of cervical dysplasia linked to rise in PPROM risk. (Seen in Subsequent Pregnancy). Sullivan, Michele G. 424
Continuous monitoring helps manage gestational diabetes. (Glucose Control). 386
Deet. (Drugs, Pregnancy and Lactation). Koren, Gideon 770
Douching after sex linked to bacterial vaginosis. (BV Risk Doubled). Kirn, Timothy F. 211
Drug update: treating menopausal vasomotor symptoms without hormones. Zoler, Mitchel L.; Boschert, Sherry 1370
E-consults with specialists led to tx change in 90% of cases. (Diagnosis Changed in 5%). Schneider, Mary Ellen 250
EC pills likelier to be used when supplied in advance. (Prescription Isn't Enough). Worcester, Sharon 373
Eric Robert Rudolph arrested. (Policy & Practice). Schneider, Mary Ellen 99
Estimates of cesarean-related blood loss shown to be too low. (Retrospective Analysis). MacReady, Norra 563
FDA panel backs valtrex to cut HSV-2 transmission: transmission down 75% in partners. (Monogamous, Heterosexual Couples). Mechcatie, Elizabeth 621
Florida notification law repealed. (Policy & Practice). Schneider, Mary Ellen 129
Gastroesophageal reflux disease. (Women's Health Adviser). Sullivan, Michele G. 675
GLMA protests 'Gensorship'. (Policy & Practice). Schneider, Mary Ellen 92
Letters. 515
Low BMD tied to future dementia. (Framingham Study Data). Evans, Jeff 351
Markers for sterilization regret include prodding partner, young age. (Counseling Opportunity). Worcester, Sharon 393
Monkeypox exposure? Offer smallpox vaccine. (Pregnancy not a Contraindication). Kirn, Timothy F. 824
Most women who stop HRT remain off therapy. (Satisfied with Decision). Worcester, Sharon 232
MS drug did not raise risk in pregnancy study. (Glatiramer Acetate). Finn, Robert 288
Nevada restricts delivery discounts. (Policy & Practice). Schneider, Mary Ellen 107
New antivomiting medicine. (Products). 92
New cervical cancer tx may preserve fertility. (Abdominal Radical Trachelectomy). Johnson, Kate 490
No rise in major birth defects with lamotrigine. (10-Year Registry Data). Finn, Robert 343
Ondansetron relieves pruritus linked to spinal opioids. (Cost a Major Drawback). 357
One-fourth of teens may have bacterial vaginosis. (Sexual Activity not a Prerequisite). Kirn, Timothy F. 333
Outpatient care called safe for teens with PID. (Review of 145 Patients). Zoler, Mitchel L. 534
Overseas military abortion ban upheld. (Policy & Practice). Schneider, Mary Ellen 113
Prescribe diet, exercise after gestational diabetes. (Many Will Develop Type 2 Diabetes). Tucker, Miriam E. 708
Proton-pump inhibitors also effective in nonerosive reflux disease. (Accounts for 50%-70% of Gerd Cases). Jancin, Bruce 256
Retired volunteers may need malpractice insurance. (Working at Free Clinics). Silverman, Jennifer 901
Saving the safety net. (Guest Editorial). Kitzhaber, John 656
Short-acting insulin analogues deemed safe, effective in pregnancy. (Data Lacking on Long-Acting Analogues). 394
Spinal anesthesia best for very premature infants. (Reduced Mortality). 282
Study: students enter medical school with 'empathy deficit'. (Training Increases Deficit). Finn, Robert 325
Study: total laparoscopic hysterectomy safe alternative to abdominal approach. (Benign Uterine Disease). Boschert, Sherry 361
Teaching hospitals hit over pelvic exam consent. (Anesthetized Patients). Silverman, Jennifer 985
Top causes of pregnancy-related deaths. (Data Watch). 90
Underlying bleeding disorders implicated in half of all menorrhagia cases in adolescents. (Platelet Function Test). Zoler, Mitchel L. 403
Vital signs: medicare among Americans' top health priorities for the president and congress. 102
Vulvar folliculitis in adolescents often caused by waxing, shaving. (Complete Removal of Pubic Hair). Johnson, Kate 321
Weekly, daily risedronate equally effective. ('A Reasonable Alternative'). Brunk, Doug 337

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