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Articles from OB GYN News (July 1, 2002)

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Abnormal vaginal bleeding may indicate placental polyp. (After Abortion or D&C). Walsh, Nancy 286
Abstinence-only poll. (Policy & Practice). Peters, Sally 102
Accelerated tocolysis lengthened triplet gestations. (Case-Control Study of 40 Women). Boschert, Sherry 359
Acetaminophen didn't prevent epidural-associated fever in study. (Inflammation May Be the Culprit). DeMott, Kathryn 428
Adult survivors of childhood ca. (Cancer). Kubetin, Sally Koch 261
Air pollution may impair sperm number, quality. (Retrospective Analysis of Semen Donations). Boschert, Sherry 369
Alpha-1 agonists may be preferable to ephedrine. (Vasopressors For Obstetric Hypotension). DeMott, Kathryn 433
Amniocentesis fetal loss rate 1:327 for ob.gyns. (Earlier Study Questioned). Bates, Betsy 546
Antiabortion centers flex muscle. (Policy & Practice). Peters, Sally 93
Anticoagulants, part I. (Drugs, Pregnancy, and Lactation). Briggs, Gerald G. 763
Chance of pregnancy falls as male partner ages. (Fertility Interval Holds). Rudd, Terry 226
CMS held able to fix Medicare payment errors. (Expert Legal Opinion). Silverman, Jennifer 527
CMS to intensify scrutiny of waived office labs. ('Not an Enforcement Effort'). Silverman, Jennifer 577
Colorectal ca prevention. (Cancer). Kubetin, Sally Koch 171
Condoms, short cohabitation tied to preeclampsia. (Limited Exposure to Sperm Antigens). Boschert, Sherry 398
Douching may double preterm delivery risk. (Bacterial Vaginosis Link). Evans, Jeff 178
Endometrial sampling: brush less painful than curette. (Equivalent Quality). Boschert, Sherry 430
Episiotomies still favored by private practitioners. (More Common in Whites, Privately Insured). Bates, Betsy 523
Episiotomy scars have increased failure rates. (Subsequent Vaginal Delivery). Bates, Betsy 241
Expert offers advice on giving media interviews. (Tips From a TV Medical Correspondent). Boschert, Sherry 533
Hepatitis C, HIV connection. (Infectious Diseases). Kubetin, Sally Koch 242
Injunction against Web site. (Policy & Practice). Peters, Sally 106
Insulin resistance in PCOS may be more common in Mexican Americans than whites. (Separate Screening Values Needed?). Boschert, Sherry 510
Intrathecal morphine after C-section may reactivate herpes. (Lesions Reactivated in 38% of 50 Women). DeMott, Kathryn 614
Kaiser sex survey. (Policy & Practice). Peters, Sally 141
Large trial backs use of [MgSO.sub.4] in preeclampsia. (Lower Seizure Rates). Splete, Heidi 225
Letters. (Opinion). 578
Limit use of Td vaccine. (Infectious Diseases). Kubetin, Sally Koch 212
Low maternal weight gain ups preterm birth risk. (Bloody Amniotic Fluid Also More Common). Bates, Betsy 419
Mass. Doctors prefer single-payer health plan. (Survey of 904 Physicians). Peters, Sally 281
Migrainous headaches. (Headache). Kubetin, Sally Koch 196
More infections occur after C-section in obese women. (Elective and Nonelective Surgeries). Boschert, Sherry 365
National vaccine supply shortages *. (Data Watch). 262
New statement defines androgen insufficiency. (Provides Management Algorithm). Bates, Betsy 1082
New trend in triptan therapy. (Headache). Kubetin, Sally Koch 234
Number of partners, HPV status may predict CIN regression. (Study of 93 Patients). Boschert, Sherry 532
Outcome of low nurse numbers. (Policy & Practice). Peters, Sally 155
Pregnancy can mask heart disease. (Watch for Onset of Cough). DeMott, Kathryn 989
Prepregnancy obesity linked to stillbirth. (Risk Doubled). Bates, Betsy 278
Prolonged lower-limb numbness may signal obstetric nerve injury. (After Epidural Use). DeMott, Kathryn 195
Prophylactic oophorectomy cuts ca risk by 75%: procedure tied to lower risk of ovarian and breast cancer in BRCA mutation carriers. (First Prospective Study). Worcester, Sharon 410
Second reading ups ca detection. (Dip in Mammogram Recalls). Walsh, Nancy 224
Severe laceration related to race, perineal length: Asian Americans have twice the risk. (Study of 34,048 Women). Boschert, Sherry 556
Should BMD be used to monitor osteoporosis therapy? (Pro & Con). 948
Small study reveals physicians often miss PCOS. (56 Patients Studied). Boschert, Sherry 178
Small study: more anomalies caught with sonohysterography. (Endometrial Monitoring in at-Risk Women). Walsh, Nancy 262
Staining may indicate invasive breast cancer. (Investigational Procedure). MacReady, Norra 302
Survey shows vaginal misoprostol preferred for second-trimester abortion. (Less Pain Reported). Boschert, Sherry 218
Ultrasound, SIS advocated for abnormal bleeding. (Expert Opinion). Goldman, Erik L. 826
Use of sentinel lymph node biopsy now common in breast ca patients aged 70 and older. (Data From Five U.S. Cancer Centers). McNamara, Damian 685
Vaginal atrophy returns 4 weeks after stopping ERT. (Study of 20 Postmenopausal Women). Bates, Betsy 321
Vaginal misoprostol corrected missed abortion in small study. (Outpatient Treatment). Bates, Betsy 570

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