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Articles from OB GYN News (February 1, 2002)

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'Paperless' offices assist compliance, efficiency. (HIPAA Regulation, Medicare Claims). Peters, Sally 992
'Statins are the new aspirin'. (Cardiology). Kubetin, Sally Koch 246
Antioxidants fall short. (Alternative Medicine). Kubetin, Sally Koch 139
Better outcomes obtained with elective cerclage. (Retrospective Analysis). Splete, Heidi 253
Breast calcifications may raise risk of heart disease: Equal to rise in risk conferred by smoking. (Large Cohort Study). Jancin, Bruce 282
CDC seek to expand group B strep testing: New data show universal screening is more effective than the risk-based method. (Antibiotic Resistance A Concern). Tucker, Miriam E. 1261
Delayed pushing doesn't increase fetal trauma. (Second-Stage Labor). Walsh, Nancy 611
Diagnostic rule may flag UTIs without culturing. (Also Avoids Unneeded Antibiotics). Zoler, Mitchel L. 590
Drug update: Influenza. Zoler, Mitchel L.; Boschert, Sherry 1262
Dry Eye syndrome linked to HRT use. (Women's Health Study). Kubetin, Sally Koch 173
Echogenic bowel on ultrasound may signal Cf. (Second-Trimester Finding). Walsh, Nancy 271
Enoxaparin is well tolerated, safe for use during pregnancy. (Low-Molecular-Weight Heparin). Evans, Jeff 238
Failed IVF may be due to defective uterine receptivity, inflammation. (Treat with Lupron, Laser Surgery). Worcester, Sharon 395
Fatty liver may cause Third-Trimester nausea. (Triplet Pregnancies). Walsh, Nancy 221
FDA investigating kava kava. (Alternative Medicine). Kubetin, Sally Koch 242
Fertility knowledge low. (Policy Practice). Peters, Sally 130
Genetics may play an important role in urinary incontinence. (Study of 667 Women). Tucker, Miriam E. 245
Handheld electronic prescribing can save time, reduce errors. (Questions to ask Before Buying). McNamara, Damian 481
Hold the decaf. (Muscwloskeletal Disorders). Kubetin, Sally Koch 164
HRT for menopausal depression shows promise. (SSRIs Should Still be First Line of Defense). Demott, Kathryn 688
In-office saline infusion sonography advocated. (Abnormal Uterine Bleeding). Mechcatie, Elizabeth 519
Incision, special tools aid minilaparotomy success. (Series of 30 Cases). Bates, Betsy 568
Insurer's exit is sign of ailing malpractice market. (St. Paul Companies). Peters, Sally 554
Laparoscopic cerclages placed before conception. (After Failed Transvaginal Cerclages). Boschert, Sherry 463
Limited-sequence MRI clarifies murky pelvic ultrasound findings. (Benefits 97% of Cases). Demott, Kathryn 296
Microwave endometrial ablation effective in irregular uteri. (Device not yet Approved in the U.S.). Boschert, Sherry 343
Missing fetal nasal bone refines trisomy 21 Dx. (Ultrasound Screening at 11-14 Weeks). Walsh, Nancy 247
MRI under investigation for use in diagnosis of fetal lung anomalies. (Signal Intensity Flags Fluid Content). DeMott, Kathryn 445
Need for prophylactic sling after pelvic organ prolapse repair under question. (Future Incontinence at Issue). DeMott, Kathryn 608
New rheumatoid arthritis drug. (Musculoskeletal Disorders). Kubetin, Sally Koch 212
New tool assesses ectopic pregnancy. (Microculdoscopy). Splete, Heidi 384
Nurse shortage bills passed. (Policy Practice). Peters, Sally 151
Perineal tears raise anal incontinence risk fivefold. (Forceps Delivery also Contributes). Tucker, Miriam E. 332
Peripheral BMD readings may predict fractures. (Almost 40% of women Had Osterpenia). Worcester, Sharon 305
Playing god? (Guest Editorial). Fost, Norman 764
Postabortion IUD insertion doesn't increase PID rates. (Retrospective Study). Evans, Jeff 220
Pro & Con: Should intramural myomas be removed in infertile patients? (Opinion). 720
Pudendal nerve stimulation for overactive bladder. (Experimental Device). Tucker, Miriam E. 423
Recruiting packages can raise tax, antitrust issues. (Low-Interest Loans, Joint Recruitment). Frieden, Joyce 458
Reducing smoking in pregnancy. (Policy Practice). Peters, Sally 86
Repeated abortions raise preterm delivery risk. (Study of 12,432 Women). Kubetin, Sally Koch 229
Report on teen sexual behavior. (Policy Practice). Peters, Sally 146
Rise in leukemia linked to breast cancer chemo. (Five-Year Cumulative Incidence of 1.1%). Jancin, Bruce 515
Rx wards off clots in fliers. (Cardiology). Kubetin, Sally Koch 245
Sage extract may cut frequency of hot flashes. (Pilot Study of 39 Women). Walsh, Nancy 277
Spontaneous ovhlation after Ovary-to-Forearm transplant. (Menstruation Followed Ovulation). Johnson, Kate 321
Survey suggests mammography access problems likely to continue. (Declining Interest by Radiologists). Demott, Kathryn 511
Take heed of 'incident to' rule for medicare. (Whose Provider Number is it, Anyway?). Frieden, Joyce 541
Treating postpartum depression. (Drugs, Pregnancy, and Lactation). Cohen, Lee 729
U.S. physicians try fertioscopy with mixed results. (Evaluates Reproductive Structures, Pelvis). Boschert, Sherry 465
Unresponsive infants linked to postpartum depression. (Poor Receptivity to Outside Stimuli). Sherman, Carl 409
Upright positions offer most room for delivery. (MR Pelvimetry Study). Demott, Kathryn 340
Where the revenue goes in corportions marketing the top 50 drugs prescribed to seniors (*). (Vital Signs). 96

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