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Articles from OB GYN News (November 15, 1999)

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3.9 Million Americans Are Infected With the Hepatitis C Virus. ARNOLD, KATHERINE 246
Antibiotics Stop Endometritis in Preterm PROM. ZOLER, MITCHEL L. 524
Bacterial Vaginosis a Major Culprit in Postoperative Fever. 437
Betadine Preps Vagina During Scrub Up. Boschert, Sherry 237
C-Section Avoids Further Anal Injury, Fecal Incontinence. Moon, Mary Ann 264
December OK for Flu Shots. Bykowski, Mike 185
Discoveries Hold Promise for Dysfunctional Labor. GOLDMAN, ERIK L. 852
Early Data on Soy's Protective Effects Against Breast Cancer 'Encouraging'. MOON, MARY ANN 556
Early Sonography Identifies Most Chromosomal, Structural Anomalies. Bates, Betsy 200
Electric Stimulation Treats Vestibulitis Syndrome. BAKER, BARBARA 558
FemSoft Insert. Mechcatie, Elizabeth 229
Fetal Loss Rate of 4% Tied to Parvovirus B19. BYKOWSKI, MIKE 325
Growth of 'Top Doctor' Web Sites Causes Concern. DEMOTT, KATHRYN 871
Heart Disease and Fen-Phen. Bykowski, Mike 241
ICSI, Cytoplasmic Transfer Pose Certain Theoretical Risks to Resulting Embryos. JOHNSON, KATE 570
Increased Placental Resistance Can Cause IUGR. CHENG, GUANG-SHING 331
Infections After Vaginal Surgery: Check Out the Pelvis Last. 333
Intravaginal Crinone Gel Advocated for Use in HRT. GOLDMAN, ERIK L. 733
Lack of Doctor Involvement Foils Disease Management Plans. FRIEDEN, JOYCE 565
Lichenoid Disease Seen With Vulvar Vestibulitis. BAKER, BARBARA 527
Limits on Embryo Transfer Could Boost Coverage. FRIEDEN, JOYCE 524
Lipid-Lowering Combination. Bykowski, Mike 252
Low-Progestin HRT Regimen Causes Fewer Side Effects. ARNOLD, KATHERINE 352
Lower-Dose Tamoxifen May Reap Same Benefits. ARNOLD, KATHERINE 533
Many Infertility Patients Use Alternative Therapy. JOHNSON, KATE 660
Motorized Morcellator Saves Time, Demands Intense Skill. GOLDMAN, ERIK L. 441
MSAs vs. Universal Insurance. STEVENSON, LEO M. 799
New Flu Drugs Debut. Bykowski, Mike 227
No Link Between Chlamydia, Pregnancy Loss. Kirn, Timothy F. 249
Onychomycosis Therapies. Bykowski, Mike 151
Payments for Office Radiology at Risk. FRIEDEN, JOYCE 727
Pimozide Warning. Bykowski, Mike 199
Postpartum Impetigo Herpetiformis. Lindsay, Heather 233
Progestin Plus Conjugated Estrogen Treats Dyspareunia. BAKER, BARBARA 318
Quinolones Moving Towards First-Line Therapy for UTIs. ZOLER, MITCHEL L. 908
Retention Enema Helpful if Dx Still Isn't Clear. BOSCHERT, SHERRY 552
Schizophrenia's Link to Obstetrical Complications Not Clear. SHERMAN, CARL 695
Should low-risk patients be screened and treated for bacterial vaginosis in pregnancy? 829
Synercid. Mechcatie, Elizabeth 154
Therapy May Cause Newborn Fat Necrosis. BRANCH, DAVID R. 332
Tikosyn. Mechcatie, Elizabeth 295
UV Index Awareness. Bykowski, Mike 187
Vaginal Hysterectomy Contraindications Doubted. BOSCHERT, SHERRY 637

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