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OAPs under attack; yourletters.


IT seems the obnoxious Iain Duncan Smith and his Lib Dem cohort Nick Clegg want to stick the knife into OAPs yet again by means testing our free bus pass, winter fuel payments and free TV licence for the over-75s which so many of us rely on.

Are they trying to wear us into the ground? But the news for the Government is that we older people who have worked and paid taxes all our lives will not stand for it. We might be getting older but we can change who will get into No.10 at the next election. I always thought Mr Duncan Smith was sensible and wellmeaning, but I appear to be wrong. P Bailey, Cheshunt, Herts SO? Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith now wants to means test pensioners for their bus pass, TV licence, prescriptions and winter fuel allowance. I suggest this Government looks closer to home at MPs' expenses claims - I am sure there are savings to be made there. Most of the Cabinet are millionaires so why should we pay for their expenses? The trough is open again.

Alan Alcock, Tamworth, Staffs NOW ? we read that this vile Government is considering means testing pensioners with a view to stopping their bus passes, free TV licence, winter fuel allowance and free prescriptions if they are regarded as comfortably off.

I hope they will also apply the same strict rules to the wealthy MPs and curtail their heavily subsidised fancy meals and drinks they enjoy in the Commons restaurants and bars, their first class travel and ministerial limousines. After all, we are all in this together, aren't we? Or so they keep telling us.

Ed Tilbury, Buckhurst Hill, Essex ONC? again the Tories are trying to bash pensioners by proposing to means test our benefits. Many of us already live below the poverty line, but now the Government is threatening our free bus passes, winter fuel allowance, TV licence and prescriptions.

Have they forgotten when most of us started work we were paying off the national debt from the Second World War? Instead of attacking pensioners, they should hit the people who created this mess - the fatcat bankers. If we're all in this together, I must have missed something.

D Mellor, Warrington, Cheshire THI? poor excuse for a Government has taken enough from our pensions. I worked all my life for my free bus pass, free prescriptions and winter fuel help by paying national insurance contributions. Pensioners have already paid for them, so hands off, Iain Duncan Smith!

Rose Allender, St Helens Merseyside I? people want to carry on working past 65 then it should be their choice. However, it's unfair if they are forced to continue working because their 30-plus years of contributions aren't enough to give them sufficient money to live on in their later years. Non-working pensioners get additional benefits, yet ex-working pensioners get very little help and some still have to pay tax which reduces their income still further.

L Gray, Newcastle upon Tyne The BIG Issue DAVID Cameron has distanced himself from plans by Iain Duncan Smith and Nick Clegg to means test pensioners' free bus passes, prescriptions, winter fuel allowance and free TV licences. You fear a new attack on OAPs...
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Jun 12, 2012
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