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OAPs pay price.

I'M not greedy and always express gratitude that I am a pensioner in this country.

Even so, I can't help notice that whatever pensioners get with one hand is taken back by someone else's.

I hear some families moan that they can't afford to manage their bills or take their children on holiday; but how do they think the elderly manage? True, we don't have children to feed and clothe, but gas, electric and water is just as expensive for a single pensioner's household as for a family.

And we older citizens raised our children without any of the benefits available for couples today and with wages that were, for many, not sufficient.

For months many pensioners have been made only too aware of the price increase in our gas.

But how can anyone explain why in the last 18 months the gas bills for us has trebled? We can't help wonder if it's because the Government have given us financial assistance to pay these bills.

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Publication:Sunday Mercury (Birmingham, England)
Date:May 24, 2009
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