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OAPs' JEWELLERY STOLEN BY 'LOST DOG' CONMEN; Distraction burglars plunder elderly couple's valuables.

Byline: Duncan Gibbons NEWS REPORTER

DISTRACTION thieves have stolen sentimental jewellery belonging to an elderly Warwickshire couple.

Police believe someone sneaked into their Brandon home after an accomplice distracted them with a bogus story about a missing dog.

All of the items stolen were nearly 60 years old. They included a gold locket containing a black and white photograph of the 79-year-old woman's husband and a colour photograph of her grandson.

The locket was on a long thick gold chain, with links similar to those often seen on watch chains, but longer.

An engagement ring on a gold band featuring five diamonds set in a row, and of decreasing size from the central diamond, together with a plain gold wedding band and a third gold ring set with a brown stone were also taken.

Det Con Heidi Twynham, of Warwickshire Police, said: "The burglars have stolen personal jewellery which is of huge sentimental value to the couple.

"The wedding ring, engagement ring and a ring given to her by an aunt, plus the locket are all the jewellery she owned. She has had them for nearly 60 years.

"Being victims of these heartless confidence tricksters has left the couple deeply shaken and upset and I appeal to anyone who may be able to help to trace these stolen pieces of jewellery."

Police have only just released details of the theft which happened at about 6.20pm on Friday, June 21.

The couple were outside when a young man stopped at the gate and asked if he could search the garden for his grandmother's lost dog.

The woman accompanied the stranger until he left, while her husband stood at the side of the house.

A Warwickshire Police spokesman said: "It was only later on that day when the woman's husband went into the bedroom, and found that furniture had been disturbed, that they realised they had been burgled."

The man who pretended to be looking for the dog was white, about 18 years old and 5ft 5ins with a thin face.

He was wearing a dark "tea cosy" style hat, which was pulled down over his ears.
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Publication:Coventry Evening Telegraph (England)
Date:Jul 4, 2013
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