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OAI announces 12x CD servers, mini-changer drive options.

Optical Access International, Inc. (OAI) has announced the addition of Netserve/CD and Maxtet/CD 12x CD-ROM drives to its family of CD-ROM server systems. In addition, OAI provides full hot-swap support for the 12x drives.

The Netserve/CD and Maxtet/CD families are designed for workgroup, departmental, and enterprise-wide needs. According to the company, the Netserve/CD server is a self-contained, direct-net-work-connect CD-ROM server that yields performance parallel with common file servers at a fraction of their cost. Maxtet/CD servers utilize a SCSI connection to the file server.

OAI's Netserve/CD and Maxtet/CD servers allow users to simultaneously access multiple CD-ROMs. Separate read heads (one for each disc) allow fast, immediate access to any disc in the server. Tower systems include eight, 16 or 21 CD-ROM drives. Rack-mount systems include 24, 32, 40, 48, 56, or 64 drives.

According to OAI, the Netserve/CD and Maxtet/CD product families provide full hot-swap support utilizing OAI's SafeSwap technology. SafeSwap intelligently holds traffic on the data bus while a drive swap occurs. With SafeSwap, a CD-ROM server achieves maximum reliability because the drives can be replaced while the server remains online.

Netserve/CD and Maxtet/CD systems support DOS, Windows, Windows NT, and Macintosh users on NetWare, LAN Manager, AppleShare, and NFS networks. A Maxtet/CD 800 CD-ROM server with eight 12x hot-swappable CD-ROM drives is priced at $5,995.

OAI has also announced the availability of a mini-changer drive option for its family of Netserve/CD and Maxtet/CD CD-ROM servers. According to the company, the Netserve/CD mini32 CD-ROM and Maxtet/CD mini32 servers quadruple the capacity of an existing Netserve/CD 800 or Maxtet/CD 800 eight-drive server and provide a disc-to-read-head ratio of 4:1. In addition, OAI claims to be the only company to provide eight to 64 mini-changer CD-ROM drives in a single cabinet, enabling up to 175 GB of online data. Users who need fast access to large amounts of research information, stored data, or reference material can benefit from the storage capacity and fast response of these servers.

According to OAI, some advantages of mini-changers over jukeboxes include more read heads per disc (Mini-changers provide a disc-to-read-head ratio of 4:1, while jukeboxes have ratios from 100:1 to 25:1), more users can access more data (With more read heads, users on mini-changer CD-ROM servers can access more data, and more users can access the same data faster when compared with jukeboxes.), and faster disc-swap times (Mini-changers have a disc-swap time of approximately three to four seconds, while jukeboxes have disc-swap times of six to 12 seconds or more.).

Netserve/CD and Maxtet/CD servers are available in a variety of configurations. Both support a wide variety of file-server systems. Pricing starts at $7,395 for the Maxtet/CD 800-mini32, an eight-drive, 32-disc tower system with 8x CD-ROM drives.

Source: OAI, Woburn, MA, 800/433-5133, 617/937-3910;

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Title Annotation:two Optical Access International Inc. machines allow access to several CD-ROMs
Publication:Information Today
Date:Feb 1, 1997
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