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OAGi Ready Badging Program Launched by the Open Applications Group -- OAGi -- and eBusiness Services Provider Drake Certivo.

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NEWPORT BEACH, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Oct. 29, 2003

The Open Applications Group (OAGi) and Drake Certivo, Inc., OAGi's testing services partner, have announced the launch of the "OAGi Ready" software conformance testing program. The OAGi Ready program provides eBusiness software solutions developers with a testing framework that validates conformance with the Open Applications Group Integration Specification (OAGIS), the XML based "Everywhere-to-Everywhere(TM)" integration solution.

Drake Certivo, a recognized leader in multi-standard conformance, interoperability, and implementation testing, will operate a vendor-neutral testing facility and provide developer tools, technical support, and other services for OAGi Ready badge program subscribers. Drake Certivo will serve as the exclusive conformance testing provider for the Open Applications Group Integration Specification.

"We are very pleased to be partnering with such an experienced group as Drake Certivo," said David Connelly, CEO of the Open Applications Group. "Conformance to OAGIS will ensure easier interoperability for our end-users while giving solution providers recognition for their expertise in implementing OAGIS-based solutions."

Building on its mission to define and encourage the adoption of a unifying standard for eBusiness and application software interoperability that reduces customer cost and time to deploy solutions, OAGi promotes progressive technology collaborations with such industry-leading organizations as Automotive Aftermarket Industry Association (AAIA), Automotive Industry Action Group (AiAG), Standards for Technology in Automotive Retail (STAR), and Electronics Industry Data Exchange Association (EIDX).

"OAGi is paving the way to large-scale B2B technology implementation and application integration, particularly in the automotive and electronics industries. Through our conformance testing services partnership, we will assist the software vendors who provide enabling B2B solutions to these industries, demonstrating our ongoing commitment to help drive greater interoperability in the supply chain, accelerate implementations and lower the cost of connecting with trading partners," said Peter Warringer, COO of Drake Certivo.

The "OAGi Ready" conformance badge signifies adherence and conformance to the OAGIS specifications. The program is open to solution providers such as business application software developers, ERP solution providers and B2B middleware vendors that need to ensure that their software supports OAGIS-based, mission-critical business functionality.

"Supply chain customers implementing business applications that have achieved OAGi conformance badges increase the likelihood that their own integration efforts are successful. A conformance program helps build customer confidence, since the vendors have independently tested and proven their OAGi solutions," said Warringer.

For more information and to register for the OAGIS Conformance Program and OAGi Ready badging services, visit

About Open Applications Group

The Open Applications Group is a non-profit consortium focusing on best practices and process based XML content for eBusiness and Application Integration. It is the largest publisher of XML based content for business software interoperability in the world. Open Applications Group, Inc. members have over 6 years of extensive experience in building this industry consensus based framework for business software application interoperability and have developed a repeatable process for quickly developing high quality business content and XML representations of that content.

About Drake Certivo

Drake Certivo, Inc. (, part of the Drake family of technology and service companies, provides tools and services that speed the process by which businesses realize the true economic value of their investment in eBusiness standards. Drake Certivo tools and services, including its automated testing solution suite, support the adoption of global B2B standards by reducing the time and cost of B2B technology deployments.

Working with many of the world's leading standards bodies, Drake Certivo is a premier provider of testing services for B2B and application integration standards.
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