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O18: What does normal tendon structure look like? New insights into tissue characterisation in the Achilles tendon.


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E. Wezenbeek [1], N. Mahieu [1], T.M. Willems [1,2], D. Van Tiggelen [1,3], M. De Muynck [4], D. De Clercq [5], E. Witvrouw [1,6]

[1] Department of Rehabilitation Sciences and Physiotherapy, Ghent University, Ghent, Belgium; [2] Department of Physical Therapy and Orthopedics, Ghent University, Ghent, Belgium; [3] Department of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, Military Hospital of Base Queen Astrid, Belgian Defence, Brussels, Belgium; [4] Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Ghent University Hospital, Ghent, Belgium; [5] Department of Movement and Sport Sciences, Ghent University, Ghent, Belgium; [6] Department of Physiotherapy, Aspetar, Doha, Qatar

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Author:Wezenbeek, E.; Mahieu, N.; Willems, T.M.; Van Tiggelen, D.; De Muynck, M.; De Clercq, D.; Witvrouw,
Publication:Online Journal of Rural Nursing & Health Care
Article Type:Report
Geographic Code:4EUBL
Date:Mar 22, 2017
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