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O-I glass packaging catalogue for food.

A comprehensive new catalogue of glass bottles and jars for the European food sector from O-I-the world's largest glass packaging manufacturer--aims to bring the benefits of glass to an even broader range of consumers and manufacturers.

Launched to coincide with 2010 World Earth Day, O-I's new catalogue enables food producers of all sizes to get inspired by around 300 different designs, and discover the strong shelf appeal of glass for numerous food occasions.

The new standard catalogue features distinctive packaging for olive oils, table olives, vinegars, dairy products, spreads, preserved foods, sauces & dressings, instant coffee, baby food and drinks. It includes a very wide range of sizes, with capacities ranging from 3cl up to 425cl. For long-life products requiring UV light-resistant packaging, such as olive oils, the catalogue includes models in coloured glass including UVAG.

Not only does glass preserve the delicate flavour, colour and texture of food, but its trans-parency also reassures consumers by allowing them to see the authenticity of the contents, while the heritage and individuality of the product can be communicated through a glass jar's shape.

In addition to these benefits, in line with our growing awareness of the need to protect the environment, glass is one of the most sustainable materials on earth because it is made of natural raw materials and is 100% recyclable. For all of these reasons, many manufacturers are turning to glass. Meeting their needs, O-I's new standard range - developed by the company's R&D, marketing and innovations teams-has been designed to stand out on-shelf, encouraging strong brand recognition and long-term consumer loyalty.

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Date:Jun 1, 2010
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