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O Brother, where art thou? Ahlam's sibling curiously missing from her pictures.

Ahlam certainly doesn't shy away from the camera's eye. The Emirati diva does pretty much anything she can to draw attention to herself. She likes to blow cash like it's monopoly money on posh vacays and big bizarre bling , all the while snapping selfies with every step in her stilettos.

One thing she doesn't try to pull the pappz into is snapping pics of her with her sibling. After searching online, only old photographs of Ahlam with her brother Bassam Al Shamsi are to be found.

Could it be that after all the fame and fortune the Arab Idol judge has found, she's too ashamed to share the spotlight with her feminine-looking brother?

Kuwaiti singer Shams on the contraire, shows her brotherly love loud and proud. She and her little bro recently went on vacay together in Dubai, and she shared pictures all over the web of their time maxin' and relaxin' in the Emirates.

What gives with no Bassam and Ahlam images?

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Title Annotation:photographs of Ahlam with her brother Bassam Al Shamsi
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Date:Apr 2, 2015
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