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JavaScript was developed in a hurry before it could be refined, and thus has more 'bad parts' than most programming languages. Senior JavaScript architect at Yahoo! Douglas Crockford in JavaScript: The Good Parts (9780596517748, $29.99) lends expertise to the topic (he's considered a key expert by many in the field) and provides a survey of the language which enables effective code development. Any library strong in Java development and analysis needs JAVASCRIPT: THE GOOD PARTS. Philipp Lenssen's GOOGLE APPS HACKS (059651588X, $29.99) provides a collection of hacks and tricks to offer different ways of customizing Google Apps, from its email and spreadsheets to some of its desktop applications such as Google Earth. Owners of Google Apps learn all about document sharing, embedding web pages into Google Calendar, adding photos to its mapping system, and more. Advanced programming collections will relish Rick Copeland's ESSENTIAL SQLALCHEMY (9780596516147, $34.99), a powerful survey for Python developers who need to access relational databases. From customizing routines and creating objects to building a mapper and providing an active record pattern, this survey of SQLAlchemy will delight patrons of advanced developer guides. Chris Seibold's BIG BOOK OF APPLE HACKS (0596598211, $34.99) provides a new, big collection of tips and tricks to get the most out of a Mac OS X, iPhone, or new iPod or Apple TV. From shortcuts and customizing processes to adding peripherals and protecting the system with backups, this is a key reference for any Mac user or library catering to them.
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Title, books about JavaScript
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Date:Sep 1, 2008
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