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O'Reilly's latest computer books continue to offer a broad range of topics, expert author advice, and an attention to detail which makes them appropriate for a wide interest level, from beginners to advanced users. Abe Fettig's Twisted: Network Programming Essentials (0596100329, $29.95) provides insights on the open source network application framework written in Python. Twisted offers Python programmers a powerful flexible option, producing programs which won't lock up and which are event driven by network events. Its stability and reliability lends to a program which is versatile, very easy for programmers to manipulate, and which can be used to write a web server, enable applications via email, and more. Review the program's strengths with this bible of advice in hand. Andy Lester, Chris Stone, Chuck Toporek and Jason McIntosh's MAC OS X Tiger In A Nutshell: A Desktop Quick Reference (0596009437, $39.95) is also a winner: it provides an overview of OS X Tiger Version 10.4 and focuses on the Unix layer, covering over 300 of Tiger's Unix commands, reviewing basic system and network features and functions, and providing a reference chick has been tested and checked against Tiger for optimum, flawless performance. D. Ryan Stephens, Christopher Diggins, Jonathan Turkanis and Jeff Cogswell's C++ Cookbook (0596007615, $44.95) is packed with solutions for C++ programmers. Four experts combine forces to provide a range of C++ solutions to programmer problems, from working with stream-based content and objects to multithreading, mathematical programming, internationalization, and more. Thomas A. Limoncelli's Time Management For System Administrators (0596007833, $24.95) tells how to retain control over time during project management tasks, and comes from real examples taken from the author's own career in desktop support and server management. From handling interruptions and keeping a calendar to developing routines for frequent issues, Time Management For System Administrators should reach the entire computer industry with solutions applicable to a range of issues. Deke McClelland and Galen Fott's Photoshop Elements 4 One-On-One (0596100981, $34.95) is the next best thing to personal lessons with author expert Deke McClelland, an expert on digital imaging. His 12 lessons are based on real-world projects and provide step-by-step instructions which helps organize photos, crop and size them, adjust them to correct common problems, and even email them and create online galleries. An accompanying video offers 2 hours of training, but the meat here is a handbook packed with color photos, color sidebar 'pearls of wisdom', and clear lesson explanations. Andrew Stellman and Jennifer Greene's Applied Software Project Management (0596009488, $39.95) provides software engineers with a handy guide to what makes software projects succeed. From building a schedule and creating requirements and cases to managing an outsourced project, reviewing design and requirements, conducting interviews, and testing, Applied Software Project Management is broad enough to apply to all kinds of projects, yet specific enough to provide solid solutions. Kirk McElhearn, Richard Giles & Jack Herrington's POD Casting Pocket Guide (0596102305, $9.95) comes packed with tips for listening to, locating and making podcasts. Podcasting has become a popular new medium and any who would use Itunes to download and listen to podcasts will find this a clear, easy way of learning how to access. Digital video enthusiasts will welcome Digital Video Production Cookbook (0596100310, $29.95) tells how to create bluescreen effects, work with backlighting, shoot under different lighting conditions, handle staging stunts, and more. Step-by-step instructions pair with real-world examples, color photos from sample digital video productions, and tips from professionals for amateur and independent filmmakers, with details ranging from focus and impact shots to off-camera, visual effects and editing cuts. Peter Krogh's The Dam Book: Digital Asset Management For Photographers (059610083, $34.95) shares the philosophy of digital asset management and draws some important connections on how it applies to daily workflow. From creating a photo archive for long-term storage to considering the latest programs and cataloging software for organizing images, The Damn Book shows photographers how to organize, access, configure and keep track of images. Anthony Molinaro's SQL Cookbook: Query Solutions And Techniques For Database Developers (0596009763, $39.95) is for developers who know the basics of the SQL query language but don't know enough about its advanced capabilities. There's a lot which can be accomplished with SQL: developer Molinaro covers all the techniques and features which make this language important. From using pivot operators and MODEL clauses to creating histograms, summarizing data into buckets, and walking a string, SQL Cookbook uses a problem/solution format to allow for quick and easy referencing for troubleshooters, yet is basic enough for relative newcomers to learn from. Sal Mangano's XSLT Cookbook: Solutions And Examples For XML And XSLT Developers (0596009747, $49.95) covers all the advanced features of the Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformations, a tool for processing XML. It's a daunting tool even for developers, and XSLT Cookbook helps developers with a set of problems and answers which cover all kinds of performance issues, from the basics of creating charts, graphics and generating code to handling data, processing math, and designing. Recipes cover all levels of use and provide developers with plenty of real-world examples. Jim Farley and William Crawford's Java Enterprise In A Nutshell: A Practical Guide (0596101422, $44.95) packs in tutorials on a number of enterprise Java tools, offering new material covering Xdoclet and Java 5.0 Annotations, JavaServer Faces, and the Hibernate API. Also included are open source testing and build tools, tips on writing SOAP-based web services, J2EE security issues and operations, and much more. Serious Java developers will want this as an essential desk reference. Peter Prinz & Tony Crawford's C In A Nutshell: A Desktop Quick Reference (0596006977, $39.95) does the same for C programmers who write code using C: experts Prinz and Crawford have compiled a desk reference manual which offers quick reference answers to common C issues and functions, from compiler options to contents of standard headers, finding or removing data from the tree, and much more. Stuart Cheshire and Daniel H. Steinberg's Zero Configuration Networking: The Definitive Guide (0596101007, $39.95) tells how to integrate hardware and software with no configuration files in between--and no error messages. Zeroconf is a standard for building self-configuring applications, from LANs to printer files and file-sharing software: Zero Configuration Networking tells how to put it all together with easy implementation. Three 'Hacks' titles provide options for working with networks, images and programs. Mark Pilgrim's Greasemonkey Hacks: Tips & Tools For Remixing The Web With Firefox (0596101651, $24.95) covers the Firefox extension Greasemonkey, which allows one to alter web pages visited. Learn how to mimic Javascript functions on other people's sites, streamlining web scripts and applications to make web sites easier to access. From fixing broken links to enhancing fonts and images, owners of the Greasemonkey extension won't want to be without this guide. Rob Flickenger & Roger Weeks' Wireless Hacks 2nd Edition: Tips & Tools For Building, Extending, And Securing Your Network (0596101449, $24.95) has been completely revised and expanded to include more than thirty new hacks and extensive revisions of the old ones. From using Bluetooth and mobile radios and data networks to detecting and monitoring your own wireless network, Wireless Hacks 2nd Edition keeps up with the latest technology and options in the wireless world. Kyle Rankin's Linux Multimedia Hacks: Tips & Tools For Taming Images, Audio, And Video (059-6100760, $29.95) covers a program which typically disappoints multimedia fans with what seems like shortcomings in playing DVDs or MP3 files. Overcome these seeming detriments with a book which tells how to tweak and build Linux multimedia entertainment systems. Both newcomers and advanced users of Linux learn how to edit images, audio and video, manage music, burn DVDs and VCDs, and much more. Linux Multimedia Hacks isn't just one developer's knowledge base: it reflects contributions from many Linux experts--even the software creators themselves. Christian Benvenuti's Understanding Linux Network Internals (0596-002556, $49.95) provides a guide to networking on Linux which explores how its IP protocols work. Basic network operations are explained and implementation code followed in detail in a course on how protocols work and are utilized in the networking environment. Chapters survey processing, queing, fragmentation and more. Elisabeth Freeman and Eric Freeman's Head First HTML With CSS & XHTML (059610197X, $34.95) provides a 'brain friendly' tour of HTML for the non-expert. Learn how HTML works with CSS and learn why and how common mistakes are made in a title which packs color models and screen shots throughout, assumes no prior knowledge in either XHTML, HTML or CSS, and which provides a learner's organized course to creating standards-based web pages which work. Gerald Knight's Analyzing Business Data With Excel (0596100736, $39.99) provides an outstanding set of connections between Excel and standard business use. Plenty of 'how to' computer books focus on the fundamentals of learning Excel without applying these lessons to basic business data analysis: Analyzing Business Data With Excel solves this in using real-world business problems as examples. From pivot tables and charts to statistical analysis choices and applications which can be easily updated, no business user should be without Analyzing Business Data With Excel. Michael Schmalz's (0596009739, $39.95) shows how to combine the two programs to get the best from both. All too often Excel and Access users remain separate; yet user interfaces exist which allow Access databases to be integrated with Excel's analytical features for maximum results. Chapters cover everything from VBA applications and graphs to working across desktops with package applications. Another essential reference from O'Reilly.
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Date:May 1, 2006
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