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Jennifer Alspach, Shari Nakno and Steve Samson's Adobe Creative Suite 2 Workflow (0596102364, $49.95) is no light manual on CS2: it's for the active user who suspects there are more functions and features than meets the eye. From tips on how to use CS2 more effectively to determining which applications fit specific tasks and how to handle illustrator techniques, one big advantage here is a powerful visual approach which packs color screen shots, diagrams, and examples on each page. It's one of the best, more comprehensive CS2 workbooks on the market today and lends particularly well to seasoned users who wish to get more from the program. Matthias Kalle Dalheimer and Matt Welsh's Running Linux, 5th Edition (0596007604, $49.95) is no light user's guide: it's been completely revised and revamped to update advanced user's topics from setting up communications on the network to encrypting email and files and handling remote logins. Problems, solutions, and server and desktop environments alike are handled in chapters which lend to quick reference as well as browsing. Matt Neuburg's Applescript: The Definitive Guide (0596102119, $39.99) appears in its second updated edition for Mac users who seek more from their machines. This edition has been completely revised to include OX X 10.4 and Applescript 1.10, and provides both a basic introduction and a set of details on building applications and handling possible problems.
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Title Annotation:Adobe Creative Suite 2 Workflow; Running Linux, 5th ed.; Applescript: The Definitive Guide
Publication:The Bookwatch
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Date:Jul 1, 2006
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