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 SEBASTOPOL, Calif., Aug. 25 /PRNewswire/ -- Despite the remarkable growth of the Internet, new users still struggle to connect to the net and experienced users wanting to upgrade their connection are confused by the many options. In answer to their needs, O'Reilly & Associates Inc. announces the publication of "Connecting to the Internet: An O'Reilly Buyer's Guide," by Internet veteran Susan Estrada.
 It is the first guide to show users how to assess their needs so that they can determine the kind of Internet service that is best for them. It also describes how to find a local access provider and evaluate the services they offer. The book closes with comprehensive appendices listing public access service providers offering dialup access in the United States and Internet access providers in the United States, Canada, and internationally.
 To help readers make the right decision, "CONNECTING TO THE INTERNET" provides checklists for evaluating their Internet needs, choosing a network provider, and deciding on dialup and dedicated line connections. It also answers such basic questions as, "How fast of a connection can I afford?" "How much technical support should I need?" And, "What service option should I consider?"
 Knowing how to purchase the right kind of Internet access can save money and avoid a lot of frustration. "CONNECTING TO THE INTERNET" is the fastest way to learn how to get on the Internet so that users can begin exploring one of the world's most valuable resources.
 Susan Estrada has been involved in the Internet since 1985 with over 15 years in the telecommunications business. In 1988, she founded and built CERFnet, an Internet service provider located in San Diego. She was involved with the planning for the original NSFNET in 1985. Susan has been active in Internet organizations such as the Internet Society (where she is currently a member of the board of trustees), FARNET, CIX, IESG and IETF. She is president of Aldea Communications Inc.
 O'Reilly & Associates is recognized worldwide for its definitive books on the Internet, UNIX and The X Window System. Working closely with developers of new technologies, O'Reilly's editors are "computer people" who use the software they write about. The company's planning and review cycles link together authors, computer vendors, and technical experts throughout the industry in a creative collaboration that mirrors the strengths of the "open systems" philosophy itself.
 "CONNECTING TO THE INTERNET: An O'Reilly Buyer's Guide"
 by Susan Estrada
 ISBN 1-56592-061-9
 188 pages
 $15.95 (US)
 Toll-free order number: 800-998-9938
 GSA GS-02F-6095
 -0- 8/24/93
 /NOTE TO EDITORS: O'Reilly has recently published new editions of two Internet user guides. Please let Brian Erwin know if you would like to receive them for review:
 "Learning the UNIX Operating System"
 by Grace Todino, John Strang & Jerry Peek
 3rd Edition August 1993
 108 pages, ISBN: 1-56592-060-0, $9.95
 If you are new to UNIX, this concise introduction will tell you just what you need to get started and no more. The third edition has been updated for new UNIX systems and now covers basic networking commands, e- mail, and introduces the X window system.
 "!(percent)@:: A Directory of Electronic Mail Addressing & Networks"
 by Donnalyn Frey and Rick Adams
 3rd Edition August 1993
 458 pages, ISBN: 1-56592-031-7, $24.95
 The only up-to-date directory that charts the networks that make up the Internet, provides contact names and addresses and describes the services each network provides.
 NOTE: The title of the directory by Frey and Adams includes the percent symbol, which cannot be transmitted by wire./
 /CONTACT: Brian Erwin of O'Reilly & Associates, 707-829-0515, or e- mail,

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