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O'Doul launches new ad campaign.

O'Doul's launches new ad campaign

O'Doul's non-alcohol brew and Anheuser-Busch, Inc., has introduced a new advertising campaign for the brand, titled "O'Doul's. It's what beer drinkers drink when they're not drinking beer."

"What beer drinkers drink' is a very colorful, music-driven campaign designed to illustrate the many occasions a beer drinker may want a non-alcohol brew," explained Anne Suppiger, O'Doul's brand manager. "During lunch, while working out or out working, before a long drive or while watching the big game, O'Doul's is the ideal beverage."

According to Suppiger, the new campaign incorporates these occasions in a montage format in what is the first "lifestyle" campaign for the product.

Suppiger believes the "What beer drinkers drink" campaign will have positive effects on O'Doul's sales. "Sales during the first quarter of 1991 are double what we achieved in the same period a year ago," she added.

PHOTO : O'DOUL'S NON-ALCOHOL BREW recently unveiled its new advertising campaign. Capitalizing on the "what beer drinkers drink when they're not drinking beer" theme, the new spots feature the many occasions when such a beverage can be enjoyed.
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Title Annotation:advertising of Anheuser-Busch, Inc.'s advertising campaign for its non-alcoholic beer O'Doul
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Jun 3, 1991
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