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O'Doul's travels the globe in new ads.

Capitalizing on its current advertising campaign, O'Doul's non-alcoholic brew unveiled three new television spots that calls O'Doul's "what beer drinkers drink when they're not drinking beer."

The spots, which broke in early October, utilize a new spokesperson, "Jim," to explain the concept of O'Doul's as a form of refreshment through his imagination.

In the first spot, Jim imagines himself blazing a path through the jungles of Malaysia. However, when offered an O'Doul's, it's clear the only hacking Jim is doing is on a golf course.

"War Hero" finds Jim as a bombardier during World War II; however, when he is interrupted by a flight attendant, the audience finds Jim is merely a passenger on a 737.

In "Lawnmower Man," Jim sees himself as a race car driver who has pulled in to refuel. It turns out that he is driving his riding mower and the refueling is not for gas but an O'Doul's.

"These spots break new ground for O'Doul's, and--in an innovative fashion--remind consumers of the many daily activities during which an O'Doul's might be an ideal refreshment," said Anne Suppiger, O'Doul's brand manager. "We are pleased with the overall success of our campaign and are confident that the new commercials will continue to increase brand awareness and sales for our brew."
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Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Oct 26, 1992
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